Reporting leave usage and requesting time off

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This page is expiring on September 30, 2020. Information can now be found in the UWL Knowledgebase:

Every Faculty, Academic Staff and Limited appointee in a leave-eligible position is required to submit a leave report on a monthly basis, whether or not leave is used.  Please note that paid leave cannot be used during times that you are not engaged for work.  Reporting should be completed electronically using Employee Self-Service (ESS).  Full time employees (100% FTE) will report leave in full day and half day increments. Absences between two and six hours should be reported as a half-day. Absences equal to or greater than six hours should be reported as a full day. Less than full time employees report absences in 15 minute increments.

Please use these instruction guides for leave report entry: 

For further information on reporting paid leave, contact or 608.785.8013.

The electronic reporting system and paper leave reports are used only to report paid leave time after the time has been used, for information on requesting time off, see information below.

Requesting time off

Each UWL unit/department is responsible for establishing it's own procedures for requesting time off from work. Employees are required to follow the procedures established by their unit/department to request time off and/or notify their unit/department when time off is needed. 

Units/department should also establish procedures for requesting time away from the office on university business as well. Many units/department use the UWL campus absence form for this purpose (form for faculty and IASform for non-instructional staff), but each is welcome to establish their own procedure. 

Contact your supervisor for information about how to request time off and/or report time away from campus when paid leave time is not used.