Summary of Process:

  1. Student supervisor determines if student position requires a criminal background check (CBC) based on meeting one or more of the position of trust responsibilities:
    • Access to vulnerable populations – Includes unsupervised or significant access to vulnerable populations, defined as minors and medical patients. For purposes of this policy, a minor is a person under the age of eighteen (18) who is not enrolled or accepted for enrollment at a UW System institution.  Examples of settings with vulnerable populations include child care centers, summer camps for minors, precollege or enrichment programs, and health care facilities.  This category also includes employees who are not directly working in those units, but have unsupervised access to the unit when the vulnerable population is present.  
    • Property access – Includes the use of master keys/card access and pertains to employees with key access to offices, facilities, or worksites other than their own worksite, including UW-La Crosse residential housing facilities.
    • Financial/fiduciary duty – Principal responsibilities (50% or more) include handling, receiving, or having custody of money, checks or securities, or accounting for supplies or other property; authorizing (or making appropriations for) expenditures; approving, certifying, signing or countersigning checks, drafts, warrants, vouchers, orders or other documents providing for the paying over or delivery of money, securities, supplies or other property, or service of process; maintaining  or auditing accounts of money, checks, securities, time records, supplies, or other property, or taking physical inventories of money, checks, securities, supplies, or other property.
  2. Student supervisor or designee indicates on Student Employee Action Form the need for a CBC OR emails the following information to 
    • Student’s legal name
    • Student’s UWL e-mail address
    • Position student is hired for
    • Name of person to notify of CBC results
  3. Human Resources submits background check request through the vendor, General Information Services (GIS). GIS sends an e-mail to the student requesting information and consent for the background check.  The sender address of the consent email is 
  4. Student completes the online background check authorization form within 10 days of receipt of email from “Big10”.  Supervisor follow up is required to ensure completion.
  5. Human Resources will notify the student supervisor or designee of the results within ten business days from when the student completes the online authorization form.

Last updated: March 30, 2017