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Human Resources Training Programs

Human Resources is in the process of creating training programs for manager and leadership development, employee up-skilling, orientation for new employees, and workshops on understanding processes and procedures at UW and UWL. Below are the current offerings. 

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Ann McKelvey  Profile of Ann McKelvey

Human Resources Partner, Snr

Specialty areas:

Serving the Division of Academic Affairs, College of Business Administration (CBA), College of Arts, Social Sciences & Humanities (CASSH), School of Visual and Performing Arts, College of Science & Health (CSH) and School of Education.  I am your point of contact for HR Related Information.

Alyssa Balboa  Profile of Alyssa Balboa

Human Resources Partner, Snr

Specialty areas:

Serving the divisions of Administration & Finance, Diversity & Inclusion, Equity & Affirmative Action, Student Affairs, and University Advancement/Foundation President.