Student help employees provide part-time and/or temporary administrative, clerical, laborer, technical, or other general support to administrators, faculty, and staff of the institution. Some student help positions are obtained through a students eligibility to receive work study funding.

Finding a job on campus

There are two types of on-campus employment opportunities available to UW-La Crosse students, work-study and student help. More information about these job types and finding an on-campus job can be found in the Financial Aid office student employment brochure.

Important information for student employees

After being hired as student help in a UWL department, students must complete new employee paperwork before beginning work.

Student employees will need to provide appropriate original identification for form I-9before starting work. Examples of acceptable documentation include passport, photo ID AND social security card, or photo ID AND birth certificate (photo copies not accepted -- see full list on last page of form I-9)

Questions about student pay may be directed to the student supervisor or to Mark Flottmeier, the student payroll coordinator.

Resources for student employees and student supervisors can be found on the student payroll page.

On-campus jobs not on UW-La Crosse payroll

Students working for Dining Services or the UWL bookstore are not paid as student help on UW-La Crosse's payroll system. Please use their websites for human resources office contact information.

Student Employment Information & Resources