The use of Privately Owned/Visiting Animals


The purpose of this policy is to provide IACUC-approved guidance and oversight to those who visit our campus accompanied by privately owned animals for demonstration, training, or educational purposes. The main purpose of this guidance is to ensure the welfare of the visiting animals. The University must be compliant with all federal, state and local laws that support a healthy and safe workplace for all.


This policy applies to animals brought to campus specifically for an official University program for demonstration and observation purposes only, exempting those approved under the Americans with Disabilities Act. All actions must be in accordance with State and University regulations.


A “Privately Owned/Visiting Animal Approval Form” must be submitted to the IACUC Administrator for review. See “PROCEDURE” below.


1. Submit a “Privately Owned/Visiting Animal Form” with the IACUC Administrator a minimum of two weeks in advance of the event. This form can be accessed from the IACUC web page: /IACUC/Forms/
A separate form for each event must be submitted.

2. The IACUC Chair or Designee will review the completed form and will notify the applicant of their decision.

3. The responsible signatory agrees to notify the IACUC promptly of any difficulties or problems.


• Animals known to have an infectious condition must not be used for any educational, demonstrative, or training program.


• The animals are not owned, held or cared for by the University, but remain the responsibility of the owner/handler/trainer bringing them on campus.
• Animals must be accompanied by and under control of their owner/handler/trainer at all times.
• Reasonable care must be taken to protect the animal from harm and protect other animals and persons from harm.
• The owner/handler/trainer is responsible for appropriate handling, feeding/watering, and animal waste disposal.


• Visiting animals cannot remain on campus for periods longer than 8 hours for their own well-being and comfort. 

Adoption Date: 1/18/16
Reference minutes: 1/18/16