IA: Intermediate Algebra Learning Objects CI-364 Development Site

Enter updates to podcasts using the following form. See the step-by-step directions at the bottom of the page.

Your Name*
Problem Name/Number*
MathCast URL°
Commentary URL°

Note: *-›Required and °-›Optional

To edit the text in a Learning Object:

  1. Choose a Learning Object and note the name in the list above
  2. Request access to the edit features by contacting Dr. Hasenbank
  3. Click on the learning object name in the list above
  4. Select the Edit tab (if you have access you should see an edit window)
  5. Make edits and click the "Save Now" button

To add or replace one of the podcasts in a Learning Object:

  1. Enter your name or email address in the first form entry
  2. Enter the Problem Name or Number exactly as shown in the problem list
  3. Enter the URL (web address) for the MathCast or the Commentary podcast (or both)
  4. Hit the Submit Changes button, then check your work by clicking on the problem