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Learning Object Development and Display Area for the MathCast Project

Build a new Learning Object (See How-To List below to get started):

  • Create using Template: To develop a new Learning Object, start with this template. If you are not logged in to GoogleDocs, a login screen will appear. After you log in, a template will then appear.
  • Preview, Edit, and Create ChalkTalk Image (Optional): After creating a GoogleDocs page, you can preview and edit your Learning Object by entering the GoogleDocs ID here. Use this preview to capture the image you need for your ChalkTalk.
  • Post the LO: When you have a GoogleDocs page and after you have uploaded a ChalkTalk (or if you wish to use a blank ChalkTalk), click here to place the Learning Object on one of the lists.

Update a ChalkTalk Tab:

  • Replace a ChalkTalk: When you have created an LO and recorded and posted a ChalkTalk, click here to update the ChalkTalk link in your LO.

View the lists of Learning Objects: