Funding Source: UW System 2008-09 Diversity Grant Program, Closing the Achievement Gap: Promoting Institutional Change to Foster Access and Excellence for Historically Underrepresented Populations

Title: Creating Culturally Responsive Learning Objects for Mathematics: A Collaborative Approach

Principal Investigators: Jennifer Kosiak, University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, Robert Hoar, University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, Kalyani Rai, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, and Camila F. Leffel, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

Submitted: April 11, 2008

Status: Under Review

Project Overview:

The UW System Institute for Innovation in Undergraduate Research and Learning (IIURL) seeks to extend its previous work – faculty-student team development of math learning objects (LOs) – to determine what modifications are needed to develop more culturally responsive LOs. These materials will be modified by incorporating logic, language, and scaffolding interventions that focus on an understanding of cultural differences, diverse learning styles, and background knowledge. The modified LOs can be used to prepare cohorts of students from underrepresented groups who struggle to learn or recall math concepts needed to succeed in traditional coursework, teacher licensure exams, remedial math classes, and other venues. This project combines technological advances and faculty expertise to close the math achievement gap.

The core partners, at UW-La Crosse and UW-Milwaukee, will: document the learning process of diverse learners to identify culturally responsive weakness in existing math LOs; develop a framework for modifications related to learner differences in logic, language, and scaffolding; use multicultural experts and faculty-student lesson study teams (10 faculty and 40 undergraduates) to modify 20 LOs;. field test modified LOs using quasi-experimental methods to assess their efficacy for diverse learners, learner gains in math knowledge, and PRAXIS readiness; and assess the project’s value and replicability.

Project results will be disseminated at the state and national level. Access to the modified LOs will be made available on the IIURL website and will be linked to the OADD website. With IIURL support, project activities will be sustained as other existing math and science LOs are modified.