The working mission of the Institute is:

"To develop, foster and support innovations that use digital technology to enhance undergraduate teaching, learning and research in the UW System, and to make very simple the storage, retrieval and sharing of digital content for teaching."

To help enhance teaching and learning, the Institute supports the development of Undergraduate Research teams. These teams work with faculty to research and develop teaching and learning materials utilizing the latest digital technology innovations. The Institute provides the faculty and the students with the training and support needed to succeed in the development of new materials.

To simplify the storage, retrieval and sharing of digital content, the Institute is developing a local content server. This server houses the various learning materials and will provide a common virtual workspace that will facilitate the development processes. This server is connected to the Wisconsin Federated Repository, which disseminates the materials and places them into the National Science Digital Library.

Funding for the IIURL is provided by the UW System
Office of Learning and Information Technology (OLIT) and the
UW System PK-16 Initiatives