Technology in Teaching Series: Creating Learning Objects

Wednesday, October 20, 10:00-11:30am, 130 Wing Technology Center (Lab)

In this handsā€on event, we will present an easy to use workflow that allows for the development of Learning Objects. A Learning Object is a collection of web-based learning materials that relate to a single topic. The collection could include text, images, videos, and many other items, all packaged into an easy to use player. Developed in partnerships that included students, high school teachers, and faculty, the development tools and workflows are easy to adapt to a variety of learning situation. A variety of examples will be shown. Participants will learn why and how to create learning objects using a template. At the UW-L Conference on Teaching and Learning there was a demonstration about learning objects. Many expressed in their evaluations that they wanted a chance to use the technology. This is the chance! This is a hands-on workshop and we look forward to having you attend.

Presenters: Bob Hoar, Faculty Assistant to the Provost, and Jennifer Kosiak, Faculty in Mathematics
Intended Audience: Instructors interested in developing media-rich learning objects, no prior experience is necessary

Information about current and past Learning Object projects:

Information about layout and tracking:

Building a new one: