Canvas transition

As UWL faculty and staff transition from D2L to Canvas, this webpage will identify assistance and support to help you prepare to teach with Canvas.  

Canvas Transition Deadlines

September 1, 2019

D2L will no longer be available for instruction or for non-instructional purposes. Canvas will be the sole UWL learning management system.

September 13, 2019

UWL faculty and staff will no longer have access to any of their D2L courses or course files.    

What you will need to do before September 2019 to make the transition to Canvas:

  • Save your D2L course materials and files to your computer or external drive for safe keeping.
  • Start to set up your courses in Canvas by transferring your course files to Canvas course “shells".
  • Learn the features and functions of Canvas so you can prepare your courses for the academic year.

Canvas Transition Support

Support is available to help you transfer course files, rebuild your courses in Canvas and prepare to teach with Canvas:

24/7/365 Canvas Support

  • Dedicated 24/7/365 Canvas Support via Phone  
    For specific questions about Canvas, a dedicated support line has been established for UWL faculty and staff. They are responsive, helpful, persistent, and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Contact Canvas Support at 833.826.8720.

Local Canvas Support

  • Contact CATL
    Call or email Khendum Gyabak (ext. 6877), Marjorie Bazluki (ext. 6873), and Jared Oxborrow (ext. 8778) for Canvas questions and one-on-one assistance.

  • Contact your departmental Canvas liaison
    Canvas liaisons are departmental colleagues who have had prior training and experience using Canvas.

Attend Canvas Workshops

  • Two-hour "Introduction to Canvas" workshops
    These workshop sessions will familiarize you with Canvas functions, and are intended for instructors who have not used Canvas and have not attended any previous Canvas training sessions.

  • One-hour topic-specific Canvas workshops 
    These workshops sessions will familiarize you with specific Canvas features and functions, including: assignments, quizzes, grading, modules, settings, rubrics, groups, discussions, GradeBook, and SpeedGrader.

Register online for Canvas Training Workshop sessions.

Canvas Workshop Schedule

The workshops below will be offered multiple times during January and February.  The schedule for March and April will be announced near the end of February.

Register for Canvas Workshops

You may register online for one or multiple workshops; return to the registration form any time to register for additional sessions. 

Always bring your laptop, access to your course materials, and your DUO device (phone or fob) to each session.

Introduction to Canvas

Two-hour workshop that introduces you to the basics of Canvas. The session is an overview of the Canvas interface, basics features, and functionality that will help prepare you to start building your courses in Canvas. The workshop will include significant time for independent work. Staff will be available to answer questions and work one-on-one with participants.

Skills Covered: Navigation; Uploading a syllabus; Uploading files; Creating Announcements; Editing your profile

Offered: Nov 21, Dec 16, Jan 15, 16, 25; Feb. 1, 4, 15, 18, 22, & 28

Canvas: Groups

One-hour workshop on how groups in Canvas will promote collaboration in group projects.  

Skills Covered: Creating a group set; Self-assigned groups; Instructor-assigned groups; Monitoring and assessing group work

Offered: TBA 

Canvas: Modules/Settings, Files, and Pages

One-hour session that focuses on the tools in Canvas to create course content. Users will explore module settings, file organization, and pages. There will be time to apply, practice and ask questions about these features.

Skills Covered: Adding modules; Editing a Module; Adding content; Working with Pages; File; Organization; Adjusting settings

Offered: Jan. 31, Feb. 21 & 27

Canvas: Course Design

One-hour workshop on different methods to use Canvas to promote student engagement and understanding. We will examine course site design, discuss best practice guidelines for setting up your course, introducing students to the structure of the course, and how to make the navigation streamlined and efficient.

Skills Covered: Navigation; Design; Canvas tools

Offered: Feb. 4 & 13

Canvas: Assignments, Rubrics, and Grading

One-hour workshop on the functionality of Canvas assignments and grades. Topics include creating assignments, adjusting assignment settings, using assignment groups, and the relationship of assignments to the gradebook. Additionally, participants will learn how to use rubrics for assessing assignments.

Skills Covered: Assignment Group Creation and submissions; Assignment Property Modification; Creating a rubric; Re-using a rubric across courses; Adding a rubric to a quiz, assignment, or discussion

Offered: Dec. 6 & 10, Feb. 5 & 14

Canvas: Discussions

One-hour workshop on the discussion board feature in Canvas. Learn how to create engaging interaction and encourage participation using the Discussion Board. 

Skills Covered: Creating discussions; Creating a New Thread; Attaching files to discussions; using SpeedGrader with discussions; Editing discussions and discussion settings

Offered: Feb. 25

Canvas: Quizzes & Surveys

One-hour workshop on Canvas Quiz and Survey tools. Learn the basics needed to start using quizzes and surveys in your Canvas course. A variety of quiz question types, question banks, and surveys will be explored and how it all appears in the Gradebook.

Skills Covered: Creating a quiz; Moderating a quiz; Creating questions, question banks, question types; Survey creation and usage; Adjusting permissions for students.

Offered: TBA March & April

Canvas: Gradebook & SpeedGrader

One-hour workshop on the interface of the Canvas Gradebook from the instructor and student perspectives. Users will experience the power of the SpeedGrader and the various ways it can be used to provide timely and detailed feedback for students while making the grading process more efficient and enjoyable.

Skills Covered: Configure a grading scheme; Link grades to assignments; Accessing SpeedGrader; Use SpeedGrader for grades and feedback.

Offered: TBA March & April


Why Canvas?

After lengthy evaluation, UW System selected Canvas as the new learning management system for UW campuses. To review the vetting and decision process see Digital Learning Environment Transformation Project 

What will I see when I enter the Canvas environment for the first time?

Once in the platform, Canvas, you will see a global navigation bar, and you may see one or more course site shells (no content but you can use as a sandbox).  Within the course shell will be a course menu that represents the fixed options of the UW System course template for navigation and layout. 

What will I see if some of my classes are in D2L and some in Canvas?

Users will need to enter either platform as needed and communicate to students where the course resides. Both platforms may be reached from or the Canvas/D2L link off UWL’s top navigation bar.

Canvas Communications Archive

Instructors have reported that the Similarity Report function in Turnitin is not working within Canvas, with users reporting that they are receiving error messages to resubmit assignments, yet nothing is happening when assignments are resubmitted. Turnitin has acknowledged the issue and is working to resolve it; instructors will be notified via email about the issue once an update from Turnitin is received..

The course enrollment problems seem to be resolving; If any students or instructors continue to experience issues, instructors should report it to Canvas Support (available anytime) at 833.826.8720.

Some instructors and students are continuing to experience problems with Canvas enrollment; some students added to courses via WINGS are not listed in the Canvas course roster, or are listed as "inactive" and unable to access course materials. UW-System is working to fully resolve these problems; personnel will be contacted via email when an update is received.

Notification that the primary Canvas course enrollment problems have been resolved, and that WINGS and Canvas student class rosters are synced; student drops will continue to be listed as "inactive" and cannot be deleted from class lists.

Notification that instructors are noticing discrepancies between course rosters in WINGS and their Canvas courses; some students officially enrolled showing as "inactive",  and some student drops continue showing as "active" in Canvas - problems occuring at all UW-System campuses; instructors reassured that their WINGS course roster is accurate; students using Canvas received email notification about the issue while UW-System resolves the student roster syncing issues.

September 2019 D2L access deadlines established; Canvas support contact options and workshops announced for January and February 2019.  

Invitation to all instructional staff to register for "Introduction to Canvas" sessions January 16, 2019.

Explanation of two changes implemented by UW System based on instructor feedback to menus and new course templates:

  • New ability to add Discussions and People to course navigation menus.
  • New ability to remove Syllabus and Collaborations from course navigation menus.

Communication to fall 2018 Canvas Instructors requesting feedback on the course template and general experience with UW-System's Digital Learning Environment (DLE) integrated into Canvas.

Instructions on how to submit fall 2018 course grades to WINGS for fall 2018 Canvas instructors; includes instructions on applying the standard UWL grade scheme and alternate instructions using one's own course grading scheme.

Reminder of December 2018 "Grading in Canvas" sessions for instructors using Canvas fall 2018.

Announcement of Nov 2018 - Jan 2019 Canvas workshops, consultation opportunities, and availability of 24/7/365 toll-free Canvas telephone support.

Notice of availability of drop-in consultation sessions for Canvas "early adopters" for instructors utilizing Canvas fall of 2018, new incoming faculty members, and online instructors.

Canvas "early adopters" (teaching in Canvas fall of 2018) requested to register for May 2018 training sessions.

Request for individuals intending to teach with Canvas in the fall of 2018 to complete a brief survey.

General information about Canvas rollout, information on spring 2018 "train-the-trainer" and introductory sessions.

Reminder re: UW-System's request for feedback concerning proposed default Canvas course templates.

UW-System solicits faculty feedback regarding default Canvas course templates.

D2L to Canvas "Open House" event announced, requesting local faculty/instructor feedback

Reassurance that D2L will be available through end of AY2019; notice that Canvas will first be available for fall 2018 courses.

UW Board of Regents selects Canvas as successor LMS for UW-System.

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