I keep getting an error when I try to log out. Am I logged out? expanding section

If you receive the below error when trying to log out, close the browser to be completely log out. If you open it up again, you will be asked to log in. 

Another option from Canvas support is to clear the cache and cookies in the browser

error when logging out.jpg

What is a "blank" course? A "master" course? expanding section

You may notice a couple blank courses connected with your name when you log into Canvas. Or you may have heard about Master Courses. Both of these are course shells that you can use to develop, import, or test course content in.  We suggest developing your semester courses as one of these that you can later import into your SIS (WINGS) course. 

It's easy to create additional Master course shells. Log into Canvas. Select Help and Create a Master Course

What is a SIS course? expanding section

SIS (Student Information Systems) courses are the courses that are pulled from WINGS with student enrollments.

When will the next semester's courses appear on my Canvas homepage? expanding section

Courses are loaded from WINGS 60 days before the start of the term. 

Why can't I add students to my Canvas course? expanding section

Students are added automatically through integration with WINGS. Students must be enrolled in WINGS to have access to the course in Canvas.

How do I publish content in Canvas? expanding section
  • While creating content within the assignments, you can Save & Publish at the end. 

  • If you have already created the content, or don't have the option to Save & Publish, there is a "no sign" to the right of the content that means it is unpublished. Once you click on that it will publish the course and change to a green circle with a check mark. 

For students to see content, the a) course needs to be published, b) the module needs to be published, c) the content needs to be published. 

How do I check if a student has completed/submitted a quiz? expanding section
  • From the Grades tab, view the Gradebook
    • Use the View drop down to Arrange by.
    • Use the three vertical dots beside the individual assignment to sort.

  • From the right side of your homepage, View Course Analytics.
    • Scroll down and select an individual students name.
    • Change the view from graph to list and scroll to the bottom Submissions.
Can I get course content back I deleted? expanding section

It's possible! Instead of creating content again from scratch, navigate to your course home page and at the end of the URL type: /undelete

This will bring up a Restore Deleted Items page with a list of items, what type they are, created and last updated dates that you can choose to restore.

Keep in mind, there are limitations to this and what can be brought back.  

How do I add extra credit in a course? expanding section

Canvas has a couple of different ways to add extra credit to your course. 
Check them out here!

How can I have multiple due dates? expanding section
  • Add even to calendar- shows up in syllabus and the to-do list, but not in gradebook.
  • There is an "idea" in the Canvas community if you want to upvote it for making multiple due dates. Other Canvas users have also given their solutions for making multiple due dates.