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The purpose of the community partnership portal is to foster learning and research collaborations in and out of the classroom while building stronger relationships between UWL and the community.


Increasing community engagement

UWL embraces community engagement as a key component to our teaching, scholarly, & service mission.


  • Initiate strategies that create and promote increased opportunities for students’ community engagement that are academically grounded.
  • Measure, assess and create accountability structure for community engagement across UWL.
  • Market mutually beneficial relationships between UWL and private/public organizations in the greater La Crosse community, state, region, and globally; in particular, focus on the importance of public/community engagement in advancing UWL’s mission centered on the value of a Liberal Arts education.
  • Integrate community engagement into UWL policies and procedures.
  • Secure funding to support continued community engagement.

2018 action plan
2017 action plan

UWL and community partnerships

UWL & community partnerships

UWL's Strategic Plan prioritizes Community Engagement as one of its four key pillars.