This page will be updated frequently as further details become clear.

Fall classes

Will UWL hold in-person classes in the fall? expanding section

UWL is planning to offer a mix of in-person, online, and hybrid classes in the fall, following guidance from the CDC, La Crosse County Health Department, state leadership and the UW System.

Last modified: 07/20/2020

Does UWL require face coverings and physical distancing on campus? expanding section New

UWL requires face coverings and physical distancing in campus buildings. Face coverings are also required outdoors if physical distancing is not possible. 

Our authority to require face coverings and physical distancing for students on our campus includes but is not limited to, Wis. Stat. s. 36.11(1)a., Wis. Admin. Code ss. UWS 17.09(1), UWS 17.09(8), UWS 17.09 (14), UWS 17.09 (15), UWS 18.08(9)(b), UWS 18.11(7)(e) and Regent Policy 23-2.

Our authority to require face coverings and physical distancing for members of the public on our campus includes but is not limited to, Wis. Stat. s. 36.11(1)a., Wis. Admin. Code ss. UWS 18.08(9)(b), UWS 18.11(7)(e) and Regent Policy 23-2.

Last modified: 07/31/2020

What classroom safety measures will be in place? expanding section New

COVID-19 classroom parameters include no gatherings of over ~50 students in a single space, ~six-foot physical distancing, and a face covering requirement for students, staff and faculty.

The physical distancing requirements result in a general capacity of approximately 32% for a traditional classroom, ~50% for lab spaces, and ~15% for theater-style rooms.

Last modified: 07/31/2020

What about scheduling? expanding section

Student schedules and types of courses are subject to change until July 27. Students will receive an email with their schedules by July 27, after the vast majority of changes have been made. Students will be able to add or drop starting on July 27.

For undergraduates, approximately 60% of courses will be hybrid or-in person, and approximately 40% of courses will be fully online (synchronous or asynchronous). Students should not schedule other obligations during the time period associated with any class listed as hybrid, online synchronous or in-person. 

If a student is in a course that will not be meeting each class day (e.g., a hybrid class), their instructor will inform them when they should expect to be on campus prior to the start of the fall semester on Sept. 8.

Last modified: 07/20/2020

Will the semester be longer or shorter than planned? expanding section

UWL is not planning on any changes to the fall semester. It will start and end as normal and as published. Due to COVID-19, some or all courses may need to go fully online for a portion, most or all of the semester. However, at this time, we are planning on a full semester and the courses to be in the modality (online, hybrid or in-person) indicated on student schedules by July 27. 

Last modified: 07/20/2020

Will tuition be adjusted because some classes are online/hybrid? expanding section

UWL does not plan to adjust tuition and/or fees for the fall semester. We are planning on providing high-quality education to students in a variety of modalities (online, hybrid, and/or in-person). Students will earn full credits, and student learning outcomes will be met. Traditionally (during non-COVID times), there is no difference in the tuition rate for online courses and other modes of courses.

Last modified: 07/24/2020

Will Seg Fees be refunded or reduced due to facility closures? expanding section

At UWL, students play a key role in determining which programs and services are offered on campus, including voting to approve the budgets each year. Seg Fees are not user fees. They are assessed each semester to all enrolled students to pay for the annual cost of Seg Fee facilities and programs that have been approved by students. These costs include debt service, utilities, insurance and personnel expenses. While some buildings funded by Seg Fees, including the REC and Union, are currently closed due to COVID-19, it’s still necessary to pay for the operating costs of these student facilities. In addition, the staff from these Seg Fee programs are currently working and continuing to provide online programming and other services to students.

Last modified: 07/24/2020

How will classes in the fall of 2020 compare to classes in the spring of 2020? expanding section

Spring 2020 saw instructors and students forced into “emergency remote” education with little or no time to plan. In contrast, instructors and students know that the fall semester has a high likelihood of a need for virtual components or fully virtual courses. By the end of August, over 90% of UWL’s instructors will have completed an intensive two- or three-week course in online or hybrid teaching, and all instructors are preparing for a semester that allows for flexible teaching.

Last modified: 07/24/2020

Where can I access Wi-Fi on campus? expanding section

Students will have access to Wi-Fi throughout UWL grounds and buildings. In addition, empty classrooms and Student Union rooms, as well as Murphy Library, will be open during normal building hours for students to have additional spaces for internet access and studying. Also, the Wi-Fi around  Roger Harring Stadium at Veterans Memorial Field Sports Complex has been enhanced for student use in the stadium or in the surrounding parking lots.

Last modified: 07/20/2020

Student life

I’m struggling with food, clothing, child care, technology essential to my courses, and/or other necessities. Where can I turn? expanding section

UWL has an emergency resources website where you will find information on a wide range of campus and community resources.

Last modified: 03/26/2020

Can I get together with people outside my household? expanding section

UWL continues to follow the guidance and recommendations of the county health department and CDC. The Health Officer and Director of the La Crosse County Health Department is urging people to do the following: 

1. Stay at home if you are sick  
2. Minimize close physical contact with those outside of your household  
3. Minimize travel, especially to areas considered “viral hotspots” within and beyond our state borders  
4. Wear a fabric face covering if you must be in public  
5. Maintain 6-foot distances with others whenever possible 
 6. Minimize congregating in groups of any size  
7. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water  
8. Avoid touching your face

See the La Crosse County website for Coronavirus updates and alerts for our area. 


Last modified: 06/16/2020

What should I do if I am sick and cannot participate in classes? expanding section
If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or other illness that is affecting your ability to participate in classes, we encourage you to email your instructors about your situation. Students can also contact the Student Life Office at to have an Absence Notification sent to their faculty. 
The Student Health Center would also be happy to assist. Please call 608.785.8558 for a phone triage.

Last modified: 04/01/2020

What are the expectations for student workers and graduate assistants? expanding section
GAs are UWL employees and are expected to complete their work hours remotely as arranged with a supervisor. Student workers who cannot work remotely (due to lack of access to technology and/or types of duties) should discuss with their supervisors and HR. Supervisors are encouraged to be as flexible as possible.  

Last modified: 03/17/2020

Is the Campus Food Pantry open? expanding section

While the Campus Food Pantry is closed during the summer, students and staff can place orders by completing a form on the pantry’s website: Orders can be picked up on Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Last modified: 06/16/2020

How is the university’s Title IX process affected by COVID-19? expanding section

Our Title IX Team is here to serve you. Although we are working remotely, we are fully prepared to receive and respond to reports of sexual misconduct and to provide resources to support the campus community. UWL policies prohibit sexual harassment, stalking, and other forms of misconduct, including in online spaces. You have the right to submit a report and get confidential support. To learn more about how UWL is responding to sexual misconduct and supporting our students, faculty and staff in this time, please see our Title IX & COVID FAQ.

Last modified: 04/17/2020

Coronavirus health details

Has COVID-19 reached La Crosse County? expanding section

Yes, cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in La Crosse County. The situation is rapidly evolving, and new cases are being reported every day. Please monitor your county's health department website for the latest information. 

Last modified: 04/01/2020

What should I do if I test positive for COVID-19 or if I believe I have COVID-19? expanding section

Please use this resource from the La Crosse County Health Department to determine your next steps.
The Student Health Center does have limited testing capability for COVID-19 for students with symptoms only. You can call the front desk at 608.785.8558 for a symptom screen and cost information. We are not able to bill testing through insurance at this time.


Last modified: 07/20/2020

How can I protect myself from COVID-19? expanding section

Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website to find the latest information related to how the disease spreads and what you can do to protect yourself.


Last modified: 04/01/2020

Do I need to self-quarantine? expanding section
  1. Stay at home if you are sick or have been in direct contact with a COVID-19 positive individual.
  2. Minimize close physical contact with those outside of your household.
  3. Minimize travel.
  4. Wear a fabric face covering if you must be in public.
  5. Maintain 6-foot distances with others whenever possible.
  6. Minimize congregating in groups with individuals outside your immediate household.
  7. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water.
  8. Avoid touching your face.

We recommend a 14-day home quarantine for anyone who has traveled outside of their local community.

If you have symptoms including cough, fever, or difficulty breathing please call your local health care provider. If you are a student you may contact the Student Health Center at 608.785.8558

Last modified: 07/14/2020

How do I quarantine myself? expanding section

If you have determined that you must self-quarantine, please follow these instructions for the next 14 days:

  • Stay home. This means do not go to school, work, public areas or large gatherings such as parties, weddings, meetings and sporting events. If you need medical care, call your health care provider. Call ahead before you go to your doctor’s office or to an emergency room. Tell them your symptoms and that you traveled to an area of the world that has a COVID-19 outbreak.
  • Do not use public transportation, ride-sharing or taxis.
  • Do not go out to restaurants or have guests over to your house.
  • Postpone any travel. If travel is absolutely necessary, you must contact your local health department first for instructions. Please know, if you choose to travel and become ill while you are away, you may not be able to return home using public transport (for example, air travel) until you are well and released from possible isolation by the local public health department.
  • Wash your hands often and practice good hygiene.
  • As long as you feel healthy, you may leave the home (in a private vehicle) for a limited time to take care of routine and necessary activities, such as grocery shopping or visiting the pharmacy. Try to avoid busy times of the day. ALWAYS wear a mask in public.
  • Postpone all non-essential activities (for example, dental cleaning, eye exam, routine check-up) until you are out of quarantine. If you have an essential medical appointment during the quarantine, please call your provider ahead of time and tell them that you are in self-quarantine. Your local health department may also be able to help you.
  • If you need medical care, call your health care provider. Call ahead before you go to your doctor’s office or to an emergency room. Tell them your symptoms and that you traveled to an area of the world experiencing a COVID-19 outbreak.
  • Consider minimizing contact with people and animals in your home (stay in your own room and, if possible, use your own bathroom). Avoid sharing personal household items such as dishes, towels and bedding.

Last modified: 07/14/2020

How do I monitor myself for symptoms of COVID-19? expanding section

For the 14 days after your travels, you should monitor yourself for symptoms.

  • If possible, take your temperature twice a day with a thermometer. A fever is typically a temperature of 100.4°F or greater. If you do not have a thermometer, symptoms of fever may including feeling unusually hot for no reason, having chills or having the sweats.
  • Watch for fever, cough, or trouble breathing.

Last modified: 03/14/2020

Campus events

What is happening with campus events? expanding section

We recognize that social distancing is an effective tool for staying healthy and slowing the spread of COVID-19.  Event organizers are still planning online events or hosting in-person events with added precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

If you are an event organizer, continue using UWL Share to submit virtual events so that they appear on the campus calendar and events page.
See campus events at  

Primary office: University Centers, COVE; University Communications.

Last modified: 06/16/2020

Will commencement be cancelled? expanding section

We had hoped to hold that ceremony on Saturday, Aug. 22, but due to continued health risks associated with COVID-19, such a gathering at that time will not be possible. UWL must prioritize the health and safety of our community. Please read the full copy, and also keep up to date on the commencement website:

Last modified: 07/06/2020

Are campus visits through the UWL Admissions office still happening? expanding section
For information regarding in-person and virtual visits to UW-La Crosse, please see the Admissions website at

Primary office: Admissions 608.785.8939.


Last modified: 06/22/2020

How will START work for First-Year/Freshmen? expanding section

UWL's START (STudent Advising, Registration, and Transition) program scheduled for June is moving from an in-person event to a virtual format. We are excited about our plans for this online event and we think you will be, too. See the START website to read updates and plan for your day. If you have not registered for a date, do it today!

Last modified: 04/17/2020

What will happen with placement testing for incoming students and other testing at the UWL Campus Testing Center? expanding section

The UW La Crosse Testing Center has temporarily suspended testing activities.

UW Placement testing in Math, English, French, German and Spanish:

UW Center for Placement Testing has launched a Test From Home option. All incoming students are expected to take the UW Placement tests. More information and registration can be found at their website:

GRE, Praxis, TOEFL

Some admission and certification exams have introduced limited Test From Home options, including GRE, Praxis and TOEFL. See the ETS website for more information.

Other exam programs

We are working with test providers to notify examinees and provide rescheduling information.

Exam providers have waived rescheduling fees.

This includes the following test providers:

CLEP, Comira, DSST, IQT, Kryterion, MAT, NTN, PAN, Pearson VUE, ProV, PSI, Scantron and proctored distance exams for other universities and colleges.

Contact Charles Gilbert at the UWL Test Center if you have questions:


Last modified: 06/04/2020

Residence Life/Housing

Will my room assignment be impacted by COVID-19? expanding section

At this time we are planning to start the fall semester with our residence halls at typical hall occupancy.  We will be providing more information about room assignments in July.  For additional details, please visit our Room Assignments FAQ page

Last modified: 06/11/2020

What services will be offered at the front desks? expanding section

Due to COVID-19, we must reduce the services offered at each hall's front desk to minimize human to human contact. We will also be adjusting front desk hours. We are putting some additional safety measures in place (plexiglass barriers, regular cleaning and disinfecting, facemasks) to protect both student Desk Assistants and anyone stopping by the front desk. We will temporarily be suspending the check out of games, sports equipment, and kitchen supplies. Specifics will be posted at each front desk. We aim to continue to allow for the check out of cleaning supplies such as vacuums and brooms which will be properly disinfected after each use.

Last modified: 06/15/2020

How will mail/packages be received? expanding section

We are working with UPS, USPS, FedEx, to establish a process that will ensure all mail and packages are delivered in a timely way with limited human to human contact. As the plan develops, we will share information and post the plan at each front desk.

Last modified: 06/11/2020

What will the cleaning/sanitization schedule look like when everyone has moved in? expanding section

We continue to be committed to maintaining clean and safe living environments. Common areas and bathrooms will be cleaned regularly based on recommendations from the CDC and La Crosse County Health. Bathroom cleaning schedules will be posted in each community.

Last modified: 06/11/2020

Will laundry be available? expanding section

Our laundry rooms will remain open. As other common spaces, we will encourage personal responsibility for maintaining appropriate distance, use of face masks, and reducing the number of people in the space.

Last modified: 06/11/2020

Will I have an RA? What will they be doing? expanding section

Resident Assistants (RAs) as well as other Student Staff – Desk Coordinators (DCs) and Students Educating and Embracing Diversity (SEEDs) will continue to serve the critical functions of their positions. For RAs, this includes connecting with each student in their house/community, providing opportunities for students to connect to each other, enforcing community standards and expectations, and providing resources and support to students. During this time of COVID-19, all hall events and community gatherings will be restricted based on guidelines provided by La Crosse County Health Department. Therefore many connections may be virtual or occur only in small groups.

Last modified: 06/11/2020

How will social gatherings be monitored? expanding section

We encourage a high level of personal responsibility for each student. Where possible, we will limit the use of some common areas/studies. Posted recommendations from La Crosse County Health Department will appear in common areas that cannot be closed.

Last modified: 06/11/2020

Can I have guests if it is okay with my roommates/suitemates? expanding section

Our revised guest policy is still being developed. However, it should be anticipated that guests will be limited or restricted. This includes having guests in each student’s room and/or in common areas of the residence hall.

Last modified: 06/11/2020

How can I ensure my roommate(s) are following recommendations and expectations to keep myself safe? expanding section

We always encourage roommates to complete a roommate agreement which addresses items such as sleeping schedule, use of the room for study vs. leisure, guest expectations, sharing of personal items, etc. We will add specific questions related to COVID-19 expectations and recommendations. Each roommate group will be expected to review and discuss the questions on the roommate agreement and come to a common understanding to keep each other safe. If roommates do not agree, we will side on the more conservative and more safe preferences of involved roommates. This is a new conversation for roommates to have. We encourage each student to consider their own thoughts and preferences and be prepared to advocate for themselves and their own needs in their living space. RAs will help facilitate these conversations if needed.

Last modified: 06/11/2020

How will move in be coordinated? expanding section

A number of changes will be made to reduce the number of people in any residence hall during move in. Please see the details on our move in page!

Last modified: 06/11/2020

What if I start to feel sick or suspect I have COVID-19? expanding section

Please review all recommendations and guidelines on the UWL Health Center Website.

Last modified: 06/11/2020

How will students living in the residence halls self-quarantine if necessary? expanding section

If it is recommended by a health professional that a student requires quarantine, we encourage them to do so at home. If that is not possible, we have reserved spaces on campus for this purpose. Students in quarantine will have meals delivered and will need to work with their individual instructors to determine how best to continue their coursework during this time period.

Last modified: 07/23/2020

Response planning

What is UWL doing to prepare for possible cases of the virus on campus? expanding section

UWL formed an Infectious Disease Response Planning team that meets regularly discuss how best to address COVID-19 cases on campus. Our goal is not to prevent the virus from appearing on campus, but to respond appropriately to contain it and limit its spread as much as possible. Primary office: Infectious Disease Response team leads Dr. Deyo, Chief Hill

Last modified: 06/15/2020

What happens if there is a suspected or confirmed case of the virus at UWL? expanding section

The Infectious Disease Response Planning team has developed a protocol for a number of scenarios should the health concerns escalate in the region. We will take immediate steps in accordance with CDC guidelines to respond to any health and safety risk to the campus community. Primary office: Student Health Center

Last modified: 03/12/2020

What health and safety measures will be in place for in-person classes? expanding section

In addition to reduced classroom capacity, students and staff will be required to wear masks or face shields and remain at least six feet apart. Those who are unable to wear masks for long periods of time (due to asthma or other health conditions) should contact the ACCESS Center to arrange accommodations. Protections will be continuously added or modified based on the latest recommendations from health experts.

Last modified: 06/15/2020

Where can I find more information about how UWL is responding to the virus? expanding section

We encourage students, employees and the broader community to visit UWL’s COVID-19 response planning website. This website will include all email updates sent to campus.

Last modified: 03/12/2020


Where can I learn more about employee-related plans? expanding section
Is there an updated leave policy? expanding section

President Cross announced a System-wide policy that will provide pay continuity for employees that are unable to telecommute. A code will appear in HRS soon so that these employees can report this leave.

View the UW System COVID-19 Leave policy

This policy applies to the following UW System employees: Faculty, Academic Staff, University Staff, Limited Appointees, Employees-In-Training, and Graduate Assistants (Teaching Assistants, Research Assistants, and Program Assistants) and Temporary Employees. Student Hourly staff and UW-Madison employees are not included in this policy. This leave should be coordinated and approved by the employee's supervisor.

Important Considerations

  • Essential staff are required to be on campus as directed by their supervisor.
  • The policy is intended for only employees that cannot telecommute. All employees are expected to work remotely and adhere to the expectations and arrangements that you have made with your respective supervisor.
  • This leave will cease upon the conclusion of this emergency declaration by President Cross.
  • This leave cannot be banked or used for any benefit continuation, etc.

Considerations for Instructional Academic Staff (IAS)

  • All instructional staff are deemed able to perform their instructional duties remotely (including advising and committee service, if applicable) unless they are approved not to perform those duties by their dean. If they cannot perform their instructional duties, they are expected to secure coverage for their courses as they normally would.
  • Division heads and deans are deemed able to perform their duties remotely unless they are approved not to perform part or all their duties by their supervisor.
  • Other staff may be deemed able to perform their duties by their dean or division head and must perform their duties remotely unless they are approved not to perform part or all their duties remotely.

Last modified: 03/17/2020

Where can I find answers to questions about health benefits related to COVID-19? expanding section
Where do I find legal, financial advising and well-being support? expanding section
How is the university’s Title IX process affected by COVID-19? expanding section

Our Title IX Team is here to serve you. Although we are working remotely, we are fully prepared to receive and respond to reports of sexual misconduct and to provide resources to support the campus community. UWL policies prohibit sexual harassment, stalking, and other forms of misconduct, including in online spaces. You have the right to submit a report and get confidential support. To learn more about how UWL is responding to sexual misconduct and supporting our students, faculty and staff in this time, please see our Title IX & COVID FAQ.

Last modified: 04/17/2020

Is UWL implementing furloughs? expanding section

Due to increasing enrollment and strong finances, UWL is in the fortunate position of not having to implement a campus-wide furlough program. However, we have needed to reassign or furlough a very small number of employees whose workloads have significantly diminished due to COVID-19. If it is not possible to reassign these employees, we will do everything we can to minimize the lengths of their furloughs.

Last modified: 06/15/2020


I am an employee who is traveling outside of La Crosse for personal travel. What should I do? expanding section
La Crosse County is under a COVID-19 Severe Risk Category. The Health Department recommends against any travel for leisure. A 14 day quarantine is recommended after any leisure travel outside of our county. Please contact your supervisor before returning to campus

Last modified: 06/19/2020

I am a college student living in La Crosse, should I travel home to see my family? expanding section

At this time, we urge everyone to remain where they are. Travel between your primary residence and a family member's residence should be avoided. Refrain from any non-essential travel at this time. Source: La Crosse County Health Department.

Last modified: 04/04/2020

Our institution is only allowing essential travel, who determines what is essential? expanding section

This will vary by campus, please refer to your institution’s guidelines.

Last modified: 03/13/2020

How is essential travel defined? expanding section

For purposes of the interim guidance, essential travel is defined as supporting activities that are absolutely necessary, cannot be rescheduled, and must be done in person. Each institution has appointed institutional leadership that can approve essential and necessary travel.

Last modified: 03/13/2020

I recently cancelled my trip to Washington due to increased number of Coronavirus cases; what happens to my ticket and can I still be reimbursed? expanding section

Your ticket will remain on file for future use with Fox, and you can still be reimbursed for the purchase of the ticket.

Last modified: 03/13/2020

Is the exchange fee reimbursable when I decide to travel later? expanding section

Yes, as with all travel, you should discuss travel plans with your supervisor since travel is dependent upon department/institutional funding and approval.

Last modified: 03/13/2020

I called Fox World travel and was told my ticket was not refundable, is that true? expanding section

Yes, all University tickets are non refundable (our policy does not allow the purchase of refundable tickets). Some airlines are cancelling routes (routes to China were the among the first to be cancelled) and if an airline decides to cancel a route, and not rebook you, they often will refund the ticket (that was non refundable) since the airline is no longer able to meet the obligation of the service that was purchased.

Last modified: 03/13/2020

My conference hasn’t been cancelled but many speakers/vendors that I was planning on seeing are no longer attending due to Coronavirus concerns. I no longer think it’s worth my time to attend. If I cancel, can I still be reimbursed? expanding section

Yes, you can be reimbursed. Some airlines are providing waivers due to the Coronavirus, so once you are ready to reuse, work with a Fox agent to determine if there might be any waivers in place.

Last modified: 03/13/2020

I want to schedule future travel for fall of 2020 but our institution is restricting travel due to the Coronavirus impact. Should I book now to get a lower fare or wait until the last minute and pay a higher price? expanding section

We recommend waiting. This is a very rapidly changing situation and each institution will likely be updating guidance as we better understand the longer-term impacts and how to best use the institutions unused airline tickets on file.

Last modified: 03/13/2020

Are all unused tickets resulting from Coronavirus concerns being tracked? expanding section

Yes, Fox World Travel is helping us manage our unused tickets (tickets on file for future use) and we will continue to monitor balances over the upcoming weeks. This is a benefit to the UW System’s managed travel program.

Last modified: 03/13/2020

Is there a fee to cancel my airline ticket with Fox? expanding section

It depends. If you booked online and cancel online, there is no additional fee. If you booked online and call an agent to cancel, there is a $10 fee. There is no fee if you booked with an agent and call an agent to cancel.

Last modified: 03/13/2020

Is there an additional fee to rebook my airline ticket with Fox? expanding section

Yes, normal Fox agency ticketing fees apply.

Last modified: 03/13/2020

Can I be reimbursed for trip insurance? expanding section

No, except for the travel health insurance purchased through the UWS contract with Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI), which includes some travel insurance. Most trip insurance, including insurance purchased through CISI, does not cover epidemic/pandemic situations or "cancel for any reason.”

Last modified: 03/13/2020

Change fees for flights are up to $400. Does the traveler/department/program/university bear the expense for all employee expenses? expanding section

Yes, however Fox is working with our preferred airline carriers to waive fees when possible and is also tracking all of the current change fee waivers that are issued by airlines (and changing daily).

Last modified: 03/13/2020

Can the change fees and airline tickets for my family be reimbursed by the University since I was planning a work trip and the University has restricted travel? expanding section

Unfortunately no, per IRS guidelines and our Accountable Plan, only University/business related travel can be paid (or reimbursed) with University funds

Last modified: 03/13/2020

Are there emergency funds available to students to help pay for trips that are cancelled? expanding section

Your campus’ Dean of Student office would be the best point of contact to determine if institutional funds are available.

Last modified: 03/13/2020

I am a student who just returned from overseas travel or from a distant location within the U.S. – what should I do? expanding section

We are sensitive to the fact that a good number of students have been in locations exposed to the virus. We strongly recommend that, upon their return home, students comply with public health directives to prevent potentially exposing others to the virus, which may include self-quarantine for 14 days (please see for more information). 

Last modified: 03/14/2020

What about research travel grants? expanding section

Our offices will work with individual grant recipients to work through the details of each situation. 

Last modified: 03/19/2020