Diversity Training

UPDATE, Fall 2021

The Diversity & Inclusion Certificate program is once again open for continuing and new applicants. If you are already enrolled in the program, you will receive an initial communication confirming your continued participation and updating your records for Fall 2021. A full Fall 2021 schedule is posted. For any questions, please contact Kate Parker, Inclusive Excellence Specialist in CATL.

Starting Fall 2019, all UWL faculty and staff will be provided the online course “Diversity: Inclusion in the Modern Workplace." This online course provides important knowledge and skills that are important for UWL employees to be successful in their work and support student success. Employees will receive a link in their email during the second week of September. New employees will receive the training as part of the onboarding process.

This online diversity course is the first step toward a certificate program that will recognize employee engagement with diversity-related professional development. Relevant workshops and trainings provided by campus partners including the Center for Advancing Teaching & Learning, the division of Diversity & Inclusion, the Institute for Social Justice, and other resources on campus will be counted toward earning the certificate.  

This diversity training initiative and certificate program is in furtherance of the UWL strategic priorities, “Investing in our People” and “Achieving Excellence Through Equity and Diversity.” 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this online diversity training being assigned to employees?

The online course is being assigned in order to ensure that faculty and staff have the knowledge and skills to be effective in their work and interact effectively with students and employees of different backgrounds and identities.

Who has reviewed or approved this training?

The online course was reviewed by the Joint Multicultural Affairs Committee (JMAC), which includes representatives from UWL’s Faculty Senate, Academic Staff Council, University Staff Council, and Student Senate. It was also approved by the Chancellor’s leadership team.

Is this training legally required?

The purpose of this online course is not to fulfill a legal or regulatory compliance mandate. Rather, it furthers university’s strategic priorities of “Investing in Our People” and “Achieving Excellence Through Equity & Diversity”. All employees are expected to complete it as a reflection of our shared commitment to the university’s mission and strategic goals.

What happens after I complete the online course?

We encourage you to take advantage of further learning opportunities. Your UWL colleagues in the Center for Advancing Teaching & Learning, the division of Diversity & Inclusion, the Institute for Social Justice, among others, offer workshops and trainings on a variety of topics. Specific topics and dates will be posted here in the near future, so please bookmark this page. You can also check with your department or college Equity Liaison.

Soon, faculty and staff will be able to compete a certificate program by attending the requisite number of workshops, and completing an individual statement of goals and action steps.