Sexual Misconduct: File a Report

Sexual Misconduct: File a Report content

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To file an official report of sexual misconduct to UWL's Title IX Coordinator, click this button and fill out the online form:

This is the OFFICIAL reporting form for sexual violence incidents. 

Information entered here will be submitted to the Violence Prevention Coordinator, the Student Life Office, and the Director of Affirmative Action.

All appropriate steps will be taken to respect the privacy of the individuals involved, while maintaining the ability of the University to investigate the incident and take appropriate action. This includes interim measures to ensure the safety and educational rights of all individuals involved, and protection against retaliation. 

University employees (other than those working in the Student Health Center, Counseling & Testing, and Violence Prevention) are required to report any incidents of sexual violence they witness or learn of, and to provide all relevant information.

You also have the right to report to the police and we will assist with that process if requested. 

  • University Police, 789-9999 or 911
  • La Crosse Police, 785-5962 or 911