Thank you for applying to education abroad! It is important that you continue to check your online account and keep up to date with your education abroad application and follow-up materials. Additionally, keep in mind the following items during your application process:

Note: Once a student has officially confirmed their participation by completing the application materials, they become subject to the standard withdrawal policy.

Pre-Departure Orientation
Our mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation is usually scheduled for:

Summer, fall and academic year programs: Second week in April.

Winter and spring programs: Second week in November. 

Post-Decision Checklist
Once students have been accepted, they must complete the post-decision section of the UWL application. Additionally, Exchange/Direct-Enroll Education Abroad Program applicants must complete the host institution's application by their deadlines. 
Additional process for Non-UWL students applying from other Universities: Complete a special, non-degree application for UW La Crosse here. This is to ensure that students can be enrolled at UW-La Crosse for their time abroad. By completing the special, non-degree application, non-UWL students will be given a UWL Student ID number, UWL Student email address, as well as have access to WINGS student account/help center. Most students, when communicating with UW-La Crosse offices, will need to refer to their UWL Student ID, or will be notified via their UWL Student email. If you are a non-UWL student who intends to use Financial Aid, be sure to communicate with the Financial Aid Office on your home campus, so you are aware of the Financial Aid policies and guidelines for your home campus. If you will need to transfer your aid to UWL, start the Financial Aid Consortium Agreement process with the Financial Aid Office on your home campus.

Other Things to Consider
Once You Have Been "Officially Accepted" By the Host Institution or Provider Program:

  • Have you received your official acceptance letter from the provider program or Host University?
  • Have you applied for a student visa? (Usually required for semester/year long programs)
  • Have you booked a flight and forwarded the information to IEE?
  • Did you have to submit a housing deposit to confirm your housing/accommodations?
  • Did you sign up for airport pick-up/drop-off services?
  • Did they have a buddy program that you could sign up for?
  • Did you enroll/sign-up for classes? Or, do you complete this after your arrival in the host country?