Things to Know about Financing Your Experience Abroad

  • With the exception of UWL and ISEP Exchange programs, where students pay UWL Resident Tuition, Students pay host institution's tuition or a program fee instead of UWL tuition and fees for the term they are abroad.
  • Several scholarships are available.
  • Most financial aid can be used for credit-bearing education abroad options endorsed by UWL, and every student is eligible for some type of financial aid- it depends on which type you are willing to accept.  
  • Don’t rule out need based aid - many students who think they don't qualify for need based aid actually do! Even if you have not received financial aid in the past, you should consider applying for financial aid (FAFSA) for the year in which you plan to go abroad. 

Learn more about how to finance your experience abroad by checking out these helpful resources