International Internships

An internship will provide you with the opportunity to explore a career path, allowing you to apply classroom concepts to the real work environment, and thus helping you become more confident about career choices. Participating in an internship will not only enhance your college experience, but it will give you the chance to gain or enhance some of the professional competencies identified in the Eagle Advantage. Interning abroad can make the whole experience even more enriching!

There are many international internship opportunities available; in fact, too many to list them all here. If you are interested in an international internship opportunity, use the following information to guide you through the process. If you have any questions at any time, do not hesitate to contact our office (IEE) or Career Services. We are here to help you!

International Internship for Credit expanding section

The first thing you will need to determine is if your internship will be for credit. There are some academic programs at UWL which require an internship. But students in academic programs that do not require internships may still be able to get credit for this experience. Talk to your academic advisor to find out about your options. Knowing this in advance will help you choose the right internship for you.

How to Receive Credit at UWL for an International Internship

In order to receive credit for your internship abroad, you will need to have a faculty advisor's approval and work with Career Services to complete the process and be enrolled at UWL for your internship credits. You will also need to work IEE to approve the location abroad and complete a travel registry.

If you are doing a part-time internship that is imbedded in a semester abroad, you will need to work with IEE to be enrolled at UWL and receive your internship credits by completing your Education Abroad Academic Plan. In this case, you will not need to complete a travel registry as you will be completing a study abroad application for your semester abroad.

Where to look for International Internships expanding section

Because of the many options available, finding the right internship may seem overwhelming. We recommend you first explore the options offered by our partner universities abroad and organizations we already work with on education abroad programs as many of them will also offer internship opportunities. Another good resource to check out is Career Services’ Handshake database.

International Virtual Internships

There is also an array of opportunities for virtual internships abroad. In this case, the recommendation is the same. First explore the options offered by our partner universities abroad and organizations we already work with on education abroad programs. You will need to meet all the technology requirements including, but not limited, to Wi-Fi and a computer in order to succeed in this kind of internship.

Partner Universities Abroad Offering Internships

University of Waikato

Universitta Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Murdoch University

UWL Approved Providers

Anglo Educational Services (In partnership with London South Bank University)







Other Providers
Low-cost internships might seem very attractive, but the lower cost may also be an indicator of the quality of the program and the support you will receive. It is essential that the internship provider supports you during all these 3 stages: Before you leave, while you are abroad, and once you return.  Keep this in mind when you are looking for an internship.

Tips to Choose an International Internship expanding section

Before you start looking for an international internship, take some time to identify the skills and knowledge you have and how you can apply that in the workplace. Be clear and specific about what you want to gain from this experience. Setting your goals and expectations in advance will help you choose the right program and will also help you during the interview process. Also, consider the support you will need in each stage: Before, during, and after your experience. Use these tips to guide you in the process:

  • Do they offer support during the 3 stages identified above?
  • Try to find information about the history and reputation of the provider. How long have they been offering international internships? If the internship is virtual, do they also have an onsite option with the same employer?
  • Is all the information available online transparent regarding the cost and what is included?
  • Do they have testimonials from students on their website? Social media presence?
  • Do they offer housing or assistance to find where to live? Is it included in the cost? Where are the housing options located (i.e. rural vs. urban areas)?
  • Find out how thorough their process is in each stage.
    • Do they offer a pre-departure orientation? Will I receive coaching about the work culture in my host country?
    • Will I have support and a dedicated advisor from the provider while I am abroad? If I will, will they be onsite or online?
    • Do they also offer cultural immersion activities?
    • Is there a curriculum and professional development support alongside the internship to help me develop my skills?
    • Remember, it is important they offer support during the 3 stages identified above.
  • Do I need a visa? Will they help me with this process?
  • How is their communication? Have they communicated in a timely, understandable, and personal manner with me so far?
  • How is the placement process?
    • Do I have an interview with the provider first, then with the employer? The more coaching you receive before your interview with the employer the better.
    • Will they help me with my resume/CV? The resume style and desired information will vary depending on the country.
    • Will I have a confirmed placement before arriving in the country?
    • Will I receive a contract in writing with the terms and expectation of all parties involved?
    • Is the placement personalized to my specific goals and/or the career path I am interested in exploring? If your goals, strengths, an expectation are considered during placement, you will be more likely to enjoy and benefit from the experience.
  • How many U.S credits is the internship for? Who will be issuing the transcript? A university abroad or in the U.S.?
  • How can I be sure that I will undertake meaningful work?
  • What are their health and safety protocols?
  • Who will I engage with in the work place? Just with a supervisor or will I be part of a team? Will I have a mentor? 
  • How do I know if everything is going well? Who do I contact if something is not going well or who will let me know if there is a problem? Communication and feedback practices will vary depending on the country.
  • What happens after the internship is over? Is there an assessment? Is there an opportunity to reflect on my goals and expectations after the experience?

These tips will help you identify what to look for in an internship provider. If you have any questions at any time in the process, please do not hesitate to contact IEE or Career Services, we are here to help you!