Non-UWL approved programs

Using the Programs link, you can search all programs that are approved by UWL and the International Education & Engagement team. If you are interested in a provider program or program through another university that is not on that list, please review the following information.

  1. Application & Payment
    Students are independently responsible for the program application and its submission, payment of fees, insurance coverage, orientation sessions, visa procurement, etc.
  2. UWL Eligibility
    Students applying for non-UWL approved programs will NOT be enrolled at UWL for the term of study. Therefore, students will be required to re-apply prior to their return to campus (see Admissions Re-entry section here). There is no guarantee that a student will be readmitted to UW-La Crosse.
  3. Transfer of Credit
    It's possible that no credit will be awarded for unapproved programs. The student is responsible for obtaining international transcripts and forwarding them to Records and Registration. It cannot be guaranteed that any credits taken on an unapproved program will transfer. As such, students are highly advised against participating on unapproved programs as it could jeopardize their status as a UWL student and could delay graduation.
  4. Financial Aid
    The Financial Aid Office (FAO) will not process Consortium Agreements/Financial aid for UWL students participating in Non-UWL Approved Programs. Only students participating in approved programs are able to receive financial aid to assist with study abroad.