Top Reasons Student-Athletes Should Go Abroad:

  1. Student-athletes can bring unique perspectives and skill sets to education abroad
  2. Studying and training abroad provides opportunity to participate in and contribute to university initiatives beyond the playing field
  3. Development of a global mindset
  4. Ability to adapt and work effectively in international settings
  5. Awareness of and adaptability to diverse cultures, perspectives and approaches
  6. Familiarity with major currents of global change and the issues they raise
  7. Effective communication skills that can cross cultural and linguistic boundaries
  8. Comprehension of the international dimensions of your field of study

What Does the NCAA Say?

Coaches and administrators find that study abroad helps fulfill the ideal of equipping students to thrive after graduation in an increasingly globalized society” Hiskey, NCAA News, 2011

“In Division I, approximately 27 percent of student-athletes have either studied abroad or plan to do so” “For Divisions II and III, roughly 30 and 40 percent of student-athletes, respectively, have studied or plan to study abroad” NCAA, 2015.

Talk With Your Coach

  • Give your coach plenty of notice that you are planning to participate in an education abroad program
  • Explain to your coach why education abroad is a priority for your college education - coaches are likely to be supportive of your decision (you're a student-athlete, after all!)
  • Discuss ways to stay active while abroad

Program Opportunities

Student athletes may want to choose an education abroad program that does not conflict with their sports season. Here are some opportunities to consider:


soccer11 SOCCER - Spring Term (M/F)
swimming11 SWIMMING Summer Sessions (M/F)
Basketball BASKETBALL - Summer Sessions (W)
VOLLEYBALL11 VOLLEYBALL Fall Term (M), Spring Term (F), Summer Sessions (W)
Rowing11 ROWING Summer Sessions (M/F)
water polo WATER POLO Spring Term (M)
RUGBY RUGBY Fall/Spring Terms and Summer Sessions (M/F)

While You're Abroad

Stay Active

  • Cross-train by renting a bike or running
  • Join a gym
  • Join a club or intramural team at the abroad university

Connect with other student-athletes abroad, it's always easier to stay active if you have someone to work out with

  • Stay connected to your team
  • Skype with your teammates

Learn to play a new sport/game and make it cultural!

Create a blog that your teammates can follow and stay updated with your adventures

Enjoy being a spectator - become a fan of local sports teams!

Additional Resources