If you are eligible for Veteran’s Benefits, there are some things that you will need to consider before applying to an education abroad program. 

Did you know that students who are eligible for Veteran’s Benefits may also be eligible for other forms of financial aid? Be sure that you check with the Financial Aid Office to familiarize yourself with all of the possible financial resources available to you.

Though students can utilize Veteran’s Benefits (State and/or Federal) to help fund their study abroad program, please be aware that:

  • Veteran’s Benefits will not cover ALL of your expenses, and
  • Not ALL education abroad programs are eligible for veteran’s benefit coverage.

The Wisconsin G.I. bill remission does NOT apply to the following:

  • Academic fees charged by a UW institution for education abroad programs where the fees collected are subsequently paid by the UW institution to a non-Wisconsin institution. It also does not apply to any non-instructional fees charged in connection with a study abroad program such as for travel or living expenses.
  • Other fees that are assessed in addition to academic student fees and segregated fees are not covered. Examples of costs that are not covered by the remission include, but are not limited to, travel, books, supplies, meals, parking, textbook rental, laptop rental, and other miscellaneous expenses. The excess credits surcharge, the United Council assessment and housing and meals plans are also not covered by the remission. Special course fees, such as laboratory fees, may also not be covered by the remission depending on the purpose of the special course fee.
  • Fees charged for continuing education courses (where continuing education units – CEU’s – are granted). The Wisconsin G.I. Bill applies only to tuition remissions for eligible individuals enrolled in academic, university-credit courses.
Before Applying to an Education Abroad Program

Students need to check with the UWL Veteran Services office to obtain specific information about any costs that may and may not be covered by the GI Bill Tuition Remission for your planned course of study. You will be assessed and are responsible to pay for any fees not covered by the G.I. Bill remission. Once the certification and eligibility process is completed you will be provided a bill indicating what fees are due and a due date by which to pay them. You will be responsible for the assessed fees.

For more information regarding your benefits and how they apply towards your program, please contact the Veteran Services office in 116 Graff Main Hall. You can also access information on their website.