A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is a document that establishes a relationship between UWL and a potential partner university. This document does not detail specific curriculum or budget information. Rather, it opens a dialogue for future negotiations.

An MOU may be created in conjunction with developing an Addendum/Contract.  The process is relatively simple to complete, and the approval process typically takes a short period of time (1-2 months).

Step 1

Identify a potential institution that may blend well with UWL's academic programs.

Step 2 - Two Weeks

Discuss site with supervisor (Chair, Division Head, Dean, etc.) to confirm the site is of merit to the department or college.

Step 3 - Two to Three Weeks

Meet with representatives of the International Education & Engagement (IEE) to determine the validity of the potential site.

  • Provide documentation to support case for partnering with site.  
  • Provide contact information of international representative.

Step 4 - Two Weeks

IEE will send out the standard MOU to the international contact person for review.

Step 5 - One Week

Once the MOU is approved, IEE will submit two copies of the formal document to the Provost for signature.  One copy will be returned to the new partner and the second copy will be housed in IEE.