Teaching abroad resources

Resources for Faculty Led Education Abroad Programs

IEE provides support to UWL faculty members throughout the process of developing and running a faculty led education abroad program. The information below will provide you with a breath of resources that will be helping in planning your program.

The Forum on Education Abroad - Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad
The Forum on Education Abroad is recognized by the U.S. Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission as the Standards Development Organization (SDO) for the field of education abroad. These industry standards cover Mission & Goals, Student Learning and Development, Academic Framework, Student Selection, Preparation & Advising, Student Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Measures, Policies & Procedures, Organizational &Program Resources, Health, Security, & Risk Management, and Ethics.

The Forum on Education Abroad – Curriculum Resources (visit https://forumea.org/access/ for login)

  • The Curriculum Toolbox is an online resource center where faculty and other education abroad professionals share their unique approaches to encouraging student learning abroad. The Toolbox contains education abroad course and program profiles.
  • The Education Abroad Digital Resource Center: in collaboration with The New York Times inEducation, the Education Abroad Digital Resource Center allows faculty and education abroad professionals to share examples of how they use New York Times news, content, and archives to enhance education abroad learning before, during, and after the education abroad experience.

Opening Doors: Alternative Pedagogies for Short-Term Programs Abroad
by Peter Hovde — NAFSA's Guide to Short-Term Programs Abroad, Sarah E. Spencer and Kathy Tuma, Editors. Page 7 of the PDF document shares various pedagogical approaches to short-term education abroad courses.

University of Kentucky's Education Abroad Faculty Toolkit
This toolkit has been developed to offer faculty an array of instructional activities that can be integrated in embedded, education abroad courses, or courses that include a brief experience abroad as a minor component of a course. 

Arizona State University's Faculty Marketing Toolkit
Arizona State University has developed a marketing toolkit for faculty leaders to use in their outreach efforts. While some information is ASU-specific (such as the marketing timelines), we hope that you will find the more general resources helpful in thinking about marketing your own program.

True North Intercultural - Developing Intercultural Learning Objectives?
by Tara Harvey – a guide for educators interested in fostering intercultural learning to design pedagogy for transformative intercultural learning. A great resource for faculty on how to incorporate intercultural learning into their courses.

Bibliography of Resources on Intercultural Education
Select readings designed to help educators foster transformative intercultural learning abroad. 

Health & Safety Abroad Information
NAFSA is committed to providing up-to-date, relevant resources on student health and safety abroad to aid education abroad professionals as they strive to create and promote safe programs for their students.