Current scholar information

J-1 International Scholar Advisor/Advising Schedule

All scholars will need to check-in at IEE’s Front Desk prior to meeting their J-1 International Scholar Advisor.

Appointments can be made by emailing IEE’s front desk.

Scholars are encouraged to meet with their J-1 International Scholar Advisor regarding questions/concerns in the following areas:

  • Temporary travel outside of the U.S. – obtain a travel signature
  • Employment Authorization
  • Program Extensions
  • General Information
  • Adapting to U.S. Culture
  • Obtaining a J-2 Dependent form DS-2019


Depending upon your funding and skills, you may become subject to the Two Year Home Residency Requirement by entering the U.S. in J-1 status. This means that you may be required to spend at least two years in your home country before coming back to the U.S. to work in H1-B or L status. You would not be eligible to receive a green card until you have spent two years back home and you would not be eligible to change your status in the U.S. to another non-immigrant status. Some Exchange Visitors may be granted a waiver for the Two Year Home Residency, but this is timely and costly. For waiver information visit -


An individual is not eligible to begin an exchange program as a Professor or Research Scholar based on a DS-2019 issued to begin a new program” if she/he was physically present in any J status (including J-2 status) for “all of part of” the “twelve month period immediately preceding the program start date of program on his/her form DS-2019. This bar has 3 exceptions: J-1 transfers, time spent as a J-1 short-term scholar, and prior physical presence in J status which was of less than 6 months duration.


An individual who participates in the J Exchange Visitor Program as a Professor or Research Scholar becomes subject to a Two-Year Bar on “repeat participation” in those particular categories after participating in his or her program for any length of time (one day to five years). The U.S. State Department of State has taken the position that the Two-Year Bar will also apply to J-2 dependents of the J-1 Professors or Research Scholars if the J-2 subsequently wishes to return as a J-1 Professor or Research Scholar. This is a separate requirement from the Two Year Home Residency Requirement.