Travel Outside of the United States
A Travel Signature is required for Scholars planning to temporarily travel outside of the U.S. during the program period listed on their DS-2019. Scholars should meet with their advisor in International Education & Engagement (IEE) at least two weeks prior to their planned departure to obtain this signature. Upon return to the U.S., scholars need to submit an updated online I-94 record to IEE within 10 days. To access your I-94 record, go to:
J-2 dependents should be outside of the U.S. while the J-1 scholar is outside of the U.S. Dependents will also need to obtain a travel signature prior to leaving the U.S.
Restrictions on Travel Outside the U.S. More Than 30 Days:
In addition to the travel signature, Scholars planning to leave the U.S. for more than 30 days and then return to the U.S. within the program period listed on the DS-2019 and continue their program at UWL must submit documentation from their department verifying their time spent outside of the U.S. is directly related to their program’s objectives, including information regarding the nature of the research, the address, and the anticipated return date. This documentation must be submitted to IEE at least three weeks in advance of the proposed departure date. The scholar is required to receive approval from IEE in writing before traveling. International Scholar Health Insurance must be maintained during the absence.