F-1 and J-1 Students

Healthcare in the United States can be very expensive. All J-1 and F-1 international students and scholars are required to enroll in the UWL health insurance plan for the duration of their stay at UWL. No health insurance waivers will be accepted. 

Student Assurance Services provides medical insurance to international students and scholars at UWL through Consolidated Health Plans (CHP). This coverage does not include vision or dental. If students wish to enroll in an optional vision or dental insurance plan they must enroll separately. 

It is extremely important to know how to use this insurance to ensure injuries and illnesses can be covered. Unpaid healthcare bills can cost thousands of dollars that will be your responsibility. Additionally, unpaid medical bills may be sent to a collections agency and may even impact future visits to the U.S.

UWL students, with their student id's, should always try to visit the Student Health Center on campus first before utilizing a healthcare facility in the community. The Student Health Center offers quality care at a discounted price for students. If you visit a healthcare facility off campus, make sure to bring your insurance card. When visiting a health care facility off campus, please ask the facility to make a copy of your insurance card for their records. Also, ask if there are any forms you need to sign to make sure the healthcare facility can send your information to Student Assurance Services. 

To download your Health Insurance Card please follow the instructions https://consolidatedhealthplan.com/members/online_id_card_login

Health Insurance Claim form, health insurance card and much more can be found at https://consolidatedhealthplan.com/group/671/home

If you have questions about what is covered by Consolidated Health Plans (CHP) through Student Assurance Services, please review the health insurance plan summary

Preferred Provider & Pharmacy Directory - Cigna PPO

For assistance and questions about insurance benefits, ID cards, claim status, or claim processing contact the Plan Administrator:
Student Assurance Services, Inc. (SAS)
Post Office Box 196
Stillwater, MN 55082-0196
Phone: (800) 328-2739

Kate Yilinek, Customer Service Supervisor

Phone: 800-633-7867 ext. 208

Email: kyelinek@consolidatedhealthplan.com

Or customerservice@consolidatedhealthplan.com

For Claims Submission, send Bill via Mail, Fax or Email:

Mail To: 

Consolidated Health Plan

2077 Roosevelt Avenue

Springfield, MA 01104

Fax to: 413-733-4612

Scan & Email To: Customerservice@consolidatedhealthplan.com

Bills must be submitted within 90 days after the date of the injury or sickness, or as soon as reasonably possible. Information to identify the insured must be provided and should include: student name, patient name, address, student ID number or social security number, date of birth, and name of the school.

CareConnect - Behavioral Health 24/7 Assistance

Members in need of assistance simply call 1-888-857-5462 or connect via the CHP Student Health mobile app for immediate access to a mental health professional. They can assist with a wide range of personal concerns, emotional issues, transition and adjustment concerns, academic stress, career development, and the demands of daily and family obligations.


Health insurance is also available for dependents. Please meet with your international student advisor to learn more.