Faculty & staff as global resources

Are you interested in developing new or additional professional connections and would like to talk to other faculty and staff who have done so?  Would you like to know who on campus is willing to discuss their experiences with you?
At the link below you will find a list of UWL faculty and staff who have indicated their willingness to serve as a resource to the UWL community regarding globalization.  Your NETID will be required to view the list.
The list provides the names and units of individuals who have experience with one or more of the following:
  • Lived Abroad (one year or more)    
  • Language Fluency  
  • Teaching Experience Abroad (at the college level for UWL or other institution)  
  • Significant Scholarship/Research Abroad and/or Research with Colleagues at Universities outside the U.S.
  • Fulbright as a Faculty Member (UWL or elsewhere)       
  • Peace Corps Experience
**To edit information, please contact Ben Cornforth, bcornforth@uwlax.edu 


UWL Faculty or Staff Traveling Abroad?

UWL has partner institutions across the globe. If you are traveling near a partner and are willing, we might ask you to connect with a partner whilst abroad.

  • If you are traveling on a university-sponsored trip, IEE may be reaching out to you to see if you are interested in participating if we have a partner in the area.
  • If you are traveling for personal reasons and/or on a different funding source, we hope that you will reach out to IEE and we may be able to connect you with a partner.

What does it mean to be an ambassador?

  • If UWL has a partner in the area with whom we’d like for you to connect, we would help create the contact and connection.  We might ask you to take some promotional materials and we’d make sure you were up-to-date on potential UWL aspects of importance.
  • We would ask for you to meet the contact abroad and discuss issues of importance to the partner.  Likely topics might include:
    • New programs at UWL
    • UWL culture and experience
    • La Crosse, WI as a region
    • UWL’s academic profile
  • If a partner connection is an option, UWL would:
    • Pay for the travel associated with the connection once you are abroad (e.g., one day per diem for lodging and food, within country travel such as train ticket).
    • Provide a $100 in professional development funds as an acknowledgement for your work representing UWL.

Please contact Karolyn Bald to further discuss possibilities at kbald@uwlax.edu 

Comprehensive internationalization

UWL's internationalization efforts are a result of the American Council on Education's Internationalization Laboratory. 

UWL's June 2019 ACE Peer Review Final Report Internationalization Report can be found here and a summary of key participation dates and outcomes.