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If you would like to have an educational or university related web presence on the UWL web site there are a few options available.

Google sites

Google offers an easy to learn website creation environment that can integrate a number of google apps into a web site you design. The website URL will include a reference in the address to the UWL domain and would be similar to the following example where the "userID" is your university login. We have provided templates and instructions on how to create and access a new website using Google Sites. Please see Eagle Help Desk FAQ 221

UWL hosted sites

ITS has created a web hosting environment for those that wish to design and host website pages created with Microsoft Expression Web 4, Adobe Dreamweaver or other web page design tools. A basic understanding of web design tools may be required to work within this environment. We have provided web page templates that can be used as a starting point for your web pages. The path to websites created for the hosted web server would be"Netid".