Centrex is a voice telecommunications service that offers traditional telephone system features; just like normal telephone lines but extended services.

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  • Campus Calls: 5 digit dial - example, 8002.
  • Local Calls: Use 8 to get the outside line then the number with no area code.  Example, 8-7xx-xxxx.
  • Long distance: 3+area code+number.
  • Toll free number: Dial 8+1+8xx+111+1111.
  • International Calls: Dial 3+011+country code+number. Rates vary greatly and can be costly.
  • If you are unsure of a prefix, please call it as a local number first.   The 3 code for long distance will trigger the long distance system, no matter if it's a local call or long distance, costing an additional expense.

Please reference the below listing of local prefixes:

  • 304, 317, 385, 386, 392, 397, 406, 498, 519, 732, 738, 769, 775, 779, 780, 781, 782, 783, 784, 785, 787, 788, 789, 790, 791, 792, 793, 796, 797, 799
  • West Salem - 786
  • Holmen - 526
  • Stoddard - 457
  • Coon Valley - 452
  • Chaseburg - 483
  • La Crescent – 895
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3-way calling 

While in a two-way conversation, press FLASH, dial the third number, press FLASH again, and all three will be connected. 

Call pick-up 

To answer an unattended phone within your group, lift handset and dial 113. 

Call forwarding 

For university phones that are programmed to forward calls to another station: to set the call forwarding, pick up the handset to your phone to get dial tone. Dial the access code of 172 and then the number you wish to forward your line to using campus dial instructions for 5 digit dial, external calls and long distance.  Do not hesitate in between numbers. You will need to let the other end answer otherwise the call forward won't go through. To deactivate this feature pick up the handset and dial 173. 

Call transferring 

This allows you to transfer a call to another person. Most times it will be an on campus number so you simply press flash, dial the number (5 digit dial if on campus), and flash again then you hang up. Some people don't like the blind transfer, so you can announce the call before sending it through. When you press flash for the 1st time, it puts the caller on hold.  When you dial the extension to send the call to then it's just you and that person. At this time, you can talk to the other end, and let them know about the call. When you press flash the 2nd time, it makes a 3 way call between you, the caller, and who they want to transfer to. Once you hang up, then they are on the call together.

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The voice mail system for UW La Crosse is an Octel based system through CenturyLink. Most university phones have a mailbox on them, whether it is a new mailbox or one from a previous employee. If you want voice mail on your line, a request can be made through the Eagle Help Desk. If you are unsure of voice mail on your line, you may contact Telephone Services. 

Voice mail access number: 608.782.4466 or on campus dialing 8.782.4466 

New Mailboxes: 

  • Dial the access number. The initial temporary password will be 2368879 (CENTURY) 
  • The first time you log into your mailbox, the system will play a tutorial. This will prompt you through changing your passcode, recording your name and your personal greeting. 
  • You will need to go through the entire tutorial. If you hang up before the tutorial is complete, none of your changes will be saved. 
  • Your mailbox will need to be set up before it will start taking messages. 

Recycled Mailboxes: 

If you are using a mailbox from a previous employee, you will need to change the password, recorded name, and greetings by using the menu. 

  • Dial the access number. Use the password given to you by the previous user or the Department Office Associate. If you do not have this password, a reset can be done by submitting a ticket to the Eagle Help Desk. 
  • Once the password is reset and you are at the main menu: 
    • To change the password, press 4 2 1 
    • To change the recorded name, press 4 3 3 
    • To change your greetings, press 4 3 1 
      • 1 – Busy Greeting – will come on with you are on your phone. 1 for standard greeting using your recorded name or 2 to record a personal greeting. 
      • 2 – No Answer Greeting – will pick up when your line does not ring busy. 1 for standard greeting using your recorded name or 2 to record a personal greeting.
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