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Closed captioning for all video materials is a goal for UWL. Acquiring and creating materials that are closed captioning is the best option.  If closed captioning is needed for existing video materials, please determine which of the two routes listed below is appropriate:

  • If CC is required for a student with a documented need for closed-captioned materials for coursework, ACCESS will be directly in contact with each instructor. Additional information is available here.
  • If a unit or department is pursuing CCing for media, please refer to the process chart.

NOTE: If you are producing a MyMedia video for which you want closed captioning, please work with ITS and CATL.  You will need a free MyMedia account which you can create by clicking here and using your NetID.

Contact the Eagle Help Desk to learn about UWL's Closed Captioning (CC) Services for Media.

Closed Captioning details:

Guidelines for Closed captioning:

For those interested, the URL listed below will take you to Screencast-O-Matic.  This is a free (15 min limit for free version) screen casting tool that instructors can use to create video casts or screencast.  This would be a do-it-yourself solution if you prefer doing the captioning yourself and the video is 15 minutes or less.