There are a number of competitions which take place through the UWL Mathematics Department. Information about each individual competition can be found below:

Regional Mathematical Modeling Challenges (WMMC)

Each October, the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Department of Mathematics hosts an annual mathematics contest called the Wisconsin Mathematical Modeling Challenge (WMMC).  This regional math contest gives undergraduate students the opportunity to apply their math skills to real world problems. The WMMC is currently one of three regional mathematical modeling contests.

In teams of three, students have 23 hours to develop and test a model and write a two-page summary of their findings; teams have one additional (24th) hour to finalize a 10 minute presentation explaining their results. Soon after preparing their presentations, teams present their findings to other student WMMC participants. The event concludes with an award ceremony that highlights the work of winning teams as determined by students and advisors. In the past, cash prizes have been awarded.

For more information about the WMMC (or other regional MMCs), visit our WMMC website. Talk to Dr. Song Chen or Dr. Chad Vidden if you are interested in participating. 

COMAP Modeling Competition (MCM & ICM)

Each spring, thousands of college students worldwide take part in the annual Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM) and Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling (ICM) sponsored by COMAP (the Consortium for Mathematics and its Applications). These competitions, held in mid February, require students to provide solutions to open ended real-world problems using mathematics.  Teams have 96 hours (4 days) to develop a model, test their model, analyze their results, and prepare a complete written report explaining their findings.

At the end of the 96 hours, teams send their papers to the judging committee, who rates papers based on readability, appropriate use of methods, and overall effectiveness of the paper using the following scheme:

  • Successful Participant - The report responded to the requirements of the contest problem and communicated those results to the judges.
  • Honorable Mention - (Top 40-50%) The team's report contained elements that were judged to contain good progress in modeling and problem solving.
  • Meritorious - (Top 15-20%) The team's report was judged to be excellent in many aspects of modeling and problem solving. The report showed elements of modeling, problem solving, and communication that are exemplary for the scope of the contest.
  • Finalist - (Next 0.5-1.0%)The designation Finalist recognizes those papers that reached the final round of judging. After 7 rounds of judging, those papers reaching the final round of judging constitute at most two percent of all papers.
  • Outstanding Winner - (top 0.5-1.0%) The team was a Finalist whose report was judged to be at the highest level in terms of modeling, solving the contest problem, and communicating the solution. These reports are generally published and used as examples of outstanding student work.

If you're a student interested in participating in the MCM/ICM, or if you're an advisor hoping to recruit a team, check out some of these resources. Talk to Dr. Bennie if you are interested in participating.

UW-La Crosse Participation

Below is a summary of UWL participation in the MCM and ICM since 2009.

2014 Meritorious Mac Gallagher Lance Hildebrand Thong Le Using Networks to Measure Influence and Impact
2014 Successful Participant Casey Shiring Tony Riemer Isaac Craig The Keep-Right-Except-To-Pass Rule
2014 Successful Participant Colin Egerer Jacob Gloe Zach Tully The Keep-Right-Except-To-Pass Rule
2013 Honorable Mention Andrew Bennett Sara Kamoske Ali Khalili The Ultimate Brownie Pan
Successful Participant
Colin Egerer Brett Rosiejka Bill Schumacher The Ultimate Brownie Pan
Successful Participant
Mac Gallagher Lance Hildebrand Casey Shiring The Ultimate Brownie Pan
Successful Participant
Jacob Gloe Mitch Spano Zach Tully The Ultimate Brownie Pan
2012 Meritorious Cody Hunt Ali Khalili Hoang Vo Camping along the Big Long River
2012 Honorable Mention Maria Jansen Michael Sumption Kacie Van Calster Camping along the Big Long River
2012 Honorable Mention Nate Hildebrand Brett Rosiejka Bill Schumacher The Leaves of a Tree
2012 Successful Participant Adam SanFelippo David Sloan Veronica Tibbetts Camping along the Big Long River
2012 Successful Participant Susan Frankki Douglas MacFarland Joshua Peanasky Camping along the Big Long River
2012 Successful Participant Molly Nerison Mitch Spano Zach Tully The Leaves of a Tree
2012 Successful Participant Brandon Groth Sara Kamoske John Nehls Modeling for Crime Busting
2011 Meritorious Jacky Chan Maria Jansen John Nehls Snowboard Course
2011 Meritorious Ryan Esch Trever Hallock Ryan Wilder Repeater Coordination
2011 Meritorious Cody Hunt Ali Khalili Hoang Vo Electric Vehicles
2011 Meritorious Jimmy McDermott Josh Peanasky Yang Yang Electric Vehicles
2011 Honorable Mention John Henry Qiuzhi Ji Brett Rosiejka Snowboard Course
2011 Honorable Mention Susan Frankki Douglas MacFarland   Repeater Coordination
2011 Honorable Mention Jamin Brunette Ryan Haunfelder Jason Rubbert Electric Vehicles
2011 Successful Participant Brooke Hoppe Leslie Kent Kacie Van Calster Repeater Coordination
2010 Finalist Jacky Chan John Nehls Joey Powers The Sweet Spot
2010 Meritorious Cody Hunt Ali Khalili Hoang Vo The Sweet Spot
2010 Meritorious Hillary Brummond Leslie Kent Katie Ott Criminology
2010 Honorable Mention Maria Jansen Jimmy McDermott Amanda Welter
2010 Honorable Mention Paul Benzschawel Brandon Groth Matt Zuberbuehler Criminology
2010 Successful Participant Megan Herrick Jessica Klister Naomi Sperry Criminology
2010 Successful Participant Sam Chen Ryan Haunfelder Douglas MacFarland Criminology
2010 Successful Participant Zach Levonian Chris Miller Austin Zeng The Sweet Spot
2009 Meritorious Ali Khalili Joe Lanska Vince Zander Energy and the Cell Phone
2009 Meritorious Eric Bartels Marsha Swatosh Amanda Welter Energy and the Cell Phone
2009 Successful Participant Matt Cocchiola Ray Leach Val Sackmann Energy and the Cell Phone
2009 Successful Participant Yanan Chen Joey Goldman Hoang Vo Designing a Traffic Circle
2009 Successful Participant Sam Chen Chintan Modi Trevor Oswald Designing a Traffic Circle

UW-La Crosse Calculus Competition

The UWL Calculus Competition consists of a 2-hour exam, with content based solely on materials from MTH 207 - Calculus I. The top participants are awarded a certificate as well as cash prizes, generously funded by the College of Science and Health. An informational flyer can be found here.

This year's upcoming Calculus Competition will take place on November 7th, 2015. Anyone interested should talk to Dr. Huiya Yan before October 31st.

UW-La Crosse Participation

Below is a summary of UWL participation in the Calculus Competition since 2012.

2018 1st Colin Jackson
2018 2nd Joe Miller
2018 3rd Max Freeman
2017 1st Mai Chen
2017 2nd Daniel Morrison
2017 3rd Colin Jackson
2017 4th Olivia Woodmansee
2016 1st Daniel Morrison
2016 2nd Mai Chen
2016 3rd Evan Palmer
2016 4th Jessica Kuglitsch
2015 1st Andrew Stuhr
2015 2nd Daniel Morrison
2015 3rd Evan Dowling
2014 1st Thong Le
2014 2nd Yixiang Li
2014 3rd Jacob Gloe
2014 4th Mac Gallagher
2014 5th Tony Mottaz
2014  6th Andrew Stuhr
2013 1st Thong Le
2013 2nd Jacob Gloe
2013 3rd Jungmi Park
2013 4th Huong Vo
2013 5th Andrew Stuhr
Thong Le
Khoi Tran
Jacob Gloe
Yixiang Li
Ali Khalili
Mac Gallagher
Tyler Sarbacker
Lance Hildebrand

Previous Exams/Solutions

Year Exam   Solutions
2018 Exam Solutions
2017 Exam Solutions
2016 Exam Solutions
2015 Exam Solutions
2014 Exam Solutions
2013 Exam Solutions
2012 Exam Solutions

William Lowell Putnam Competition

The William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition is an annual contest for undergraduate college students established in 1938. Each year on the first Saturday in December, over 2000 students from the United States and Canada spend 6 hours (two 3-hour sittings) attempting to solve twelve problems (10 points each). The exam is considered to be very difficult; in 2012, the median score was 0 points out of 120 possible.

Cash prizes for the top five teams in recent years ranged from $5,000 to $25,000. Recent cash prizes for the top five individuals have been $2,500 each.

The next competition will take place on December 6, 2018.  If you would like to participate, please see Dr. Huiya Yan no later than October 1.


UW-La Crosse Participation

Below is a summary of UWL participation in the Putnam Competition since 2011.

2017 Hunter Rehm 1
  Lingxiao Ye 1
2014 Thong Le 39
  Jacob Gloe 12
  Lingxiao Ye 11
  John Gallagher 9
  Daniel Morrison 4
  Anthony Mottaz 1
  UWL Team Rank 64/577
2013 Thong Le 10
2012 Thong Le
  Douglas MacFarland
Hoang Vo
  Ali Khalili
  Ryan Esch
  Ryan Wilder
  Kai Wu

Midwest Undergraduate Data Analytics Competition (MUDAC)

Unlike the other competitions, the MUDAC has a primary focus on statistics and data analysis. This competition gives students an opportunity to apply their data analysis skills to a problem of interest from a local outside organization. Students working in teams of 3-4 and have approximately 24 hours to carry out an analysis, provide a written summary of their findings, and prepare a brief oral presentation of their results to the organization. 

More than $1,000 in prizes are awarded to members of the top teams and all other participants are eligible for door prizes. 

More information is available at Talk to Dr. BennieDr. Bingham, or Dr. Toribio if interested in participating.

UW-La Crosse Participation

Below is a summary of UWL participation in the MUDAC Competition since the first annual MUDAC in 2012.

Chris Wagar Kristen Buschke Danny Bero
Jonathan Kosch Brian Krueger Mara Weiner Kylie Severson
2nd Overall
Stephanie Acker Chris Wagar Kristen Buschke
Danny Bero Charley Spanbauer Yang Yang