FastTrackFastTrack is a summer mathematics enhancement program for incoming freshmen. The goal of the program is for students placed into MTH 050 or 051 to increase their skills in order to place into a higher mathematics class in the Fall that will be required for their academic program. This will provide them with a faster time to complete their mathematics sequence, and ultimately a faster time to complete their program.

FastTrack 2018 will begin on July 10th.

Online-Only FastTrack Cohort ($50)

Online-Only Cohort is a six-week online program that is designed to develop mathematical skills. Students in the Online-Only Cohort will retake the University of Wisconsin System Mathematics Placement Exam during the move-in weekend prior to the start of the Fall semester. In addition, there will be academic advising available during this weekend. Registration cost for the Online-Only FastTrack Cohort program is $50. Please note that this charge will be added to your fall Student Account. 

Hybrid Cohort ($200)

Open only to new First-Year students.

The Hybrid Cohort is the same six-week online program as described above.  In addition, students will move into their residence halls on Sunday August 26th and participate in a week-long program on campus.  Students will retake the University of Wisconsin System Mathematics Placement Exam on Thursday August 30th.  Students placing into College Algebra (MTH 150) are guaranteed a seat in one of our MTH 150 sections specifically designated for FastTrack. In addition, students will be registered for a section of UWL 100 that is connected to FastTrack as well. On Friday August 31st, students will meet with academic advisors to finalize any schedule changes that might occur.  Registration cost for the Hybrid FastTrack Cohort program is $200.  This includes room and board for the week on campus, as well as the costs associated with the online program.  Please note this charge will be added to your fall Student Account.

When will I know if I am accepted?

Students will be contacted via their UWL email by July 3, 2018. Only 70 students will be selected for the Hybrid Cohort. There is unlimited enrollment for the Online-Only Cohort.

What is the Summer 2018 timeline?

The online pre-assessment must be completed prior to the program start date of Tuesday, July 10th. Course modules will be opened to students from July 10th to August 31st. The typical commitment to the FastTrack program should be approximately 6 hours of online study and communication per week. All of the online study can be done independently at the student's convenience. Students may wish to reserve weekly learning times to attend online review sessions with the FastTrack instructors and tutors.

Students in the Hybrid Cohort will move into their assigned residence hall on Sunday, August 26th and will participate in instructional and campus activities throughout the week. Students in the Online-Only Cohort will re-take their placement exam on September 1st or 2nd from 8 - 10 am during New Student Orientation and Welcome Weekend. 

What if I have further questions?

You may contact the FastTrack program directors,  Dr. Robert Allen ( or Dr. Jennifer Kosiak (