FastTrackFastTrack is a summer mathematics enhancement program for incoming freshmen. The goal of the program is for students placed into MTH 050 or 051 to increase their skills in order to place into MTH 150 College Algebra in the Fall that will be required for their academic program. This will provide them with a faster time to complete their mathematics sequence, and ultimately a faster time to complete their program.

Registration for FastTrack 2022 is closed.

How Does FastTrack Work?

FastTrack is a 6-week self-paced online program designed to develop and sharpen mathematical skills.  Students take a pre-assessment, complete 10 content modules, and take a final assessment to determine their new math placement.  

During the 6-week period, students will have access to online office hours provided by faculty of the UWL Mathematics & Statistics department.  Each module consists of videos, practice problems, and an assessment.  You must complete one module to move onto the next.

Once you finish the content modules, you will take the placement assessment.  This will determine your placement into mathematics courses.  Once your placement is determined, you will work with the Academic Advising office to change your schedule if necessary.

Registration cost for FastTrack is $50.  This fee is applied to your fall Student Account.

When will I know if I am accepted?

There is unlimited enrollment for the Online-Only Cohort.  You will register for FastTrack using the button above.  You will be contacted via your registered UWL email address to confirm your participation in FastTrack.  Once you are confirmed, you will be given access to FastTrack through Canvas on July 5th.

What is the summer timeline?

Course modules will be opened to students from July through August. The typical commitment to the FastTrack program should be approximately 6 hours of online study and communication per week. All of the online study can be done independently at the student's convenience. Students may wish to reserve weekly learning times to attend online review sessions with the FastTrack instructors.

What if I have further questions?

You may contact the FastTrack program director,  Dr. Robert Allen (