Math department wins UW System award



Mathematics & Statistics kudos

Tushar Das

Tushar Das, Mathematics & Statistics, presented "Using templates to study problems in dynamics and number theory" at New England Dynamics and Number Theory Seminar on April 19 online. Das was invited to survey results, techniques and open problems surrounding the variational principle in the parametric geometry of numbers Research supported in part by a 2017-2018 FRG and an American Institute of Mathematics SQuaRE grant.

Submitted on: May 3

Joshua Hertel

Joshua Hertel, Mathematics & Statistics, presented "Beyond Gotcha Tasks: Developing Tasks for Investigating Informal Notions of Randomness" at Group for Education and Research in Mathematics on April 30 online.

Submitted on: May 3

Melissa Bingham

Melissa Bingham, Mathematics & Statistics, presented "A Permutation Test for Comparison of Mean Matrices across Multiple Three-Dimensional Rotation Data Sets" at Mathematical Association of America Wisconsin Section Meeting on April 24 online.

Submitted on: April 26

Tushar Das

Tushar Das, Mathematics & Statistics, authored the article "Thermodynamic formalism for coarse expanding dynamical systems" in Communications of Mathematical Physics published on April 10 by Springer Nature. This paper, written in collaboration with Feliks Przytycki (Polish Academy of Sciences), Giulio Tiozzo (U Toronto), Mariusz Urbanski (U North Texas) & Anna Zdunik (U Warsaw), introduces and develops the thermodynamic formalism for a novel class of dynamical systems: proving existence and uniqueness of equilibrium states for a wide class of potentials, as well as stochastic laws such as a central limit theorem, law of iterated logarithm, exponential decay of correlations and large deviations.

Submitted on: April 20

Jenni McCool

Jenni McCool, Mathematics & Statistics, served as a chairperson for the writing committee that revised the Wisconsin Standards for Mathematics. These standards are a critical part of ensuring that each of Wisconsin’s nearly 900,000 K-12 students are college, career and community ready.

Submitted on: April 19