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College Readiness Math MOOC

Developed with funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

The College Readiness Math MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is a self-paced online program designed to enhance your mathematics skills needed to be successful in college mathematics. The course consists of 10 mathematics modules that focus on the areas of algebra and geometry. To learn more about course content, please review the Math MOOC Syllabus. For more information on the Math MOOC, please contact Dr. Jennifer Kosiak at

Please select the appropriate option below to sign up for the Math MOOC or to log in to the current Math MOOC.

Register for the Summer/Fall 2017 Math MOOC

The Summer/Fall 2017 Math MOOC will begin on July 5th and run until to October 31st. To register for the Summer/Fall 2017 Math MOOC, please complete required registration form. If you register before July 5th, you will receive your log-in information on or near the start of the MOOC offering. If you register on or after July 5th, you will receive your log-in information within three business days. 

Sign-up for a future course

Not able to participate in the 2017 Summer/Fall Math MOOC, but want to enroll for a 2018 Math MOOC offering? Get pre-registered today! 

Log in to the Winter 2012 session

Winter 2012 participants, find your session here.