FYRE benefits

FYRE students will have the opportunity to come to campus two weeks before the start of the fall semester to take part in a comprehensive introduction to college-level math and science coursework and an orientation to UW-La Crosse and its community.  In addition, they will come to campus one week before spring semester do an out of town field trip that will show you a graduate program in the SAH fields and give you additional research exposures. 

During the academic year, students will receive ongoing tutoring and academic support, peer mentoring, and exposure to the wide variety of majors and careers within the STEM fields. Day-long exploratory research experiences in several STEM disciplines, visits to two regional doctoral institutions to explore graduate programs, and active participation in an undergraduate research symposium are cornerstones of the program. Students who fully participate in all program activities will earn an $1000 scholarship during their sophomore year on campus.

Student Benefits

  • Make new friends, be part of a campus community and study group
  • Take part in educational and interesting field trips to medical centers, graduate schools, and both field and lab research facilities
  • Learn the ins and outs of undergraduate research and get ahead of your peers
  • Free tutoring sessions and a personal tutor
  • Advising from a current UWL graduate student
  • Networking with faculty and staff
  • Develop technical and communication skills that will benefit your future career
  • Free study supplies and access to the FYRE/McNair office
  • Earn a $1000 scholarship upon completion
  • All FYRE activities are FREE to participants

Student Commitments

  • Weekly advising to maintain good academic progress
  • Attendance during Welcome Week activities and Winter Week activities
  • Full participation in all activities
  • An open mind and curiosity about the world of research
  • Attendance required at 9 different research exposure events throughout the school year
  • Enroll in BIO 105 for the fall semester and attend two weekly tutoring sessions
  • Complete MTH 150 before the end of the academic year (with help!)
  • Maintain at least a 3.0 GPA (higher if you intend to go on to graduate school)