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Academic Success Institute

ASI will not be offered summer 2024. Stay tuned for further updates regarding ASI 2025.

Questions? Email or call 608.785.8225

About ASI

The Academic Success Institute (ASI) is a six-week summer academic program designed to help students make a successful transition from high school to college. Students participate in a cohort group, learning from dedicated faculty and staff committed to creating an environment that supports life-long learning. Participants live in a residence hall, eat their meals at the Student Union, and attend classes Monday-Friday. ASI strives to provide each student an opportunity to reach their definition of success at UW-La Crosse and eventually graduate from the university.

Q1: If I am referred to the ASI program by the UWL Admissions office, am I automatically accepted into the program?

  • A: No. Students need to complete and submit an ASI application (either paper copy or electronic version) and go through the interview process. After the personal interview, the ASI Director will inform students whether they are offered a spot.

Q2: If I am referred to the ASI program by the Admissions Office, does that mean I am required to participate in ASI?

  • A: Yes, your admission to UWL is conditional upon successful completion of the ASI summer program.

Q3: If I am a local student, am I required to stay in the residence hall during ASI?

  • A: We encourage and prefer all ASI students to stay in Reuter Hall during ASI. The purpose is to create a living community for our students. A central location is advantageous for structured group activities and events, along with the ideal space for cultivating strong bonds between students and ASI staff. Students also get the opportunity to experience the residence halls before fall semester and learn how to set roommate agreements and expectations. Students should contact the ASI Director to discuss specific circumstances.

Q4: What does “successful completion” mean?

  • A: “Successful Completion” means that a student must earn acceptable grades (2.0 GPA) in all ASI courses, participate in required activities outside of class, including mandatory tutoring/study sessions, and attend class consistently. ASI students must also adhere to all guidelines outlined in the UWL Student Handbook, specifically the conduct on university lands, Chapter UWS 18. Additionally, the ASI Director and faculty, along with Director of Admissions, have discretion when determining whether an ASI student has successfully completed the summer program.

Q5: If I am a local student, can I work during ASI?

  • A: Our expectation is that students commit 100% of their time during the weekdays to ASI. There are no structured, mandatory activities on the weekends, so schedules are open/flexible until Sunday night check in.

Q6: When is the deadline to apply to ASI?

  • A: There is no hard deadline; however, the earlier the better. We highly encourage any student interested in ASI to apply by March. Spots usually fill up by late April/early May depending on the year and the program will wait-list applications received after spots are filled. Please see the enclosed student check list for application/interview cycles.

Last modified: 03/27/2023