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Do you want to be a peer tutor for the Murphy Learning Center?

Check out the information on this page.  If you decide to apply, fill out an application form for the specific discipline(s) that you would like to tutor and email to the appropriate contact person.

What are the requirements to being a peer tutor?

  • At least a 3.0 GPA (or permission from the Murphy Learning Center Director)
  • Grade of an A, AB, or B in subject content being tutored
  • Recommendation of two faculty/staff from the discipline you would like to tutor (see application)

What are the qualities of a good peer tutor?

A good tutor is more than a good student.  A good tutor should possess the following traits:

  • dependability and punctuality
  • effective communication skills: listening, speaking, and observing
  • empathetic and understanding toward others
  • developed study habits
  • personable and organized

What are the benefits of being a peer tutor?

  • improved interpersonal and communication skills
  • increased knowledge of subject matter
  • greater confidence and ability to interact with a variety of people
  • satisfaction of helping others

What is the application process?

To apply, you must complete an application form for the specific discipline(s) that you would like to tutor.  Then, you must email the application to the appropriate tutor coordinator.  The tutor coordinator will then contact your faculty/staff references.  Please ask these faculty/staff to be references before turning in your application.  After a completed application (student application plus faculty/staff references) are reviewed, the tutor coordinator will contact you regarding your application. You may be asked to come in for an interview.


To be a Mathematics Tutor:


Fill out a  Mathematics Tutor Application (pdf)  and return to Dr. Brett Townsend.


To be a Writing Center Tutor:


Fill out a Writing Center Application (pdf) and return to Virginia Crank.


To be a Biology Tutor:


Fill out a Biology Tutor Application (pdf) and return to Lee Baines.


To be a Chemistry Tutor:


Fill out a Chemistry Tutor Application (pdf) and return to Eugenia Turov


To be a Microbiology Tutor:


Fill out a Microbiology Tutor Application (pdf) and return to Sue Anglehart.

To be a  Public Speaking Center Peer Consultant


Fill out a Public Speaking Center application  and return to

Dr. Tony Docan-Morgan Public Speaking Center Application

To be a Physics Tutor


Fill out a Physics Tutor Application (pdf) and return to Dr. Eric Barnes.

To be a Geography Tutor


Fill out a Geography Tutor Application (pdf) and return to Jeff Kueny



To be an Accountancy Tutor


Fill out an Accountancy Tutor Application (pdf) and return to Dr. William Maas.

To be an Economics Tutor


Fill out an Economics Tutor Application (pdf) and return to Dr. Donna Anderson.