The MLC is Open for Virtual Business!

The MLC is open for tutoring during the summer! We are using WebEx to continue to offer tutoring for summer sessions. The Writing Center and Public Speaking Center are both offering tutoring via appointment, as they always have done. If you have any questions, please email

Start by finding the subject you want under "schedule" in the menu on the left side of this page.

What is Supplemental Instruction?

Supplemental instruction (SI) is a program of student-led study sessions that are held out of class. The SI leader is a student who has recently completed the class successfully. Sessions are held twice a week, and focus on course content, but also building skills that are transferable to other classes. SI sessions are group-based and involve hands-on activities designed to improve comprehension, retention, problem solving, and overall performance in the class. SI sessions have a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, with the emphasis being on learning in a fun way, talking, discussing and sharing ideas with friends.