Display case

Policy and Procedures for Scheduling Library Resource Center Display Cases 

The three display cases located on the main floor of the LRC are available for scheduled use. When scheduling conflicts occur, priority will be given to requests on the following basis: 
    First priority: Murphy Library oriented materials, topics, and/or events in which the LRC is a participant. 
    Second priority: University departments and units 
    Third priority: Recognized student organizations Content of the display should be of general interest to the university community. 
When a question of appropriateness is raised, the topic will be referred to the Library Advisory Council for recommended action. The library reserves the right to deny requests. 
Exhibitors are responsible for placing the materials in the cases and removing them at the designated time. The library is not responsible for the security of materials. 
The display case request form should be returned to the office at least one month prior to the display date. 

Explanation of Display Cases and Requirements

Murphy Library has two areas that can be utilized for periodic displays by groups outside of the library: 
1. Horizontal standalone display case near the Multimedia and Periodicals ares area - approximately 21" high, 68" wide, 15" deep, with 2 moveable glass shelves. 
2. Three vertical individual wall display cases near elevator; approximate dimensions of each are as follows: 61" high, 45" wide, 18" deep; 3 moveable glass shelves for each case. 
Materials and supplies available for your use at Murphy Library include a number of project display and mounting boards and felt liner for the glass shelves. 
Please contact one of the persons listed below before you arrive at Murphy Library so that arrangements can be made for you to get the keys to the locked display cabinets.

 Teri Holford-Talpe,  tholford-talpe@uwlax.edu, 608.785.8944