Study carrels

Carrels are assigned during the first two weeks of the semester on a semester by semester basis. Applications may be submitted before the semester begins. Review of applications takes place the first two weeks of the semester. The following rules/procedures apply:

  1. These rooms are designed as silent individual study areas. Use of devices and/or conversations that may disturb others in adjacent carrels is not permitted.
  2. You must check out any books you are using in your study carrel. Reference books and periodicals cannot be checked out. Please do not leave them in the carrels. If you wish to use a magazine, journal, newspaper, or reference book extensively, you may want to utilize one of the Library's copiers.
  3. Smoking, food, and beverages are prohibited in the carrels, except for spill proof containers.
  4. The windows in the carrels must be left uncovered so that the carrels can be monitored, especially in cases where the building has to be evacuated for fire or bomb threats.
  5. Do no stick anything to the walls or door of the carrel as this may damage them. Inspections are conducted periodically and the user is liable for repairs due to damage.
  6. Personal valuables should not be left in the carrels.
  7. Murphy Library is not responsible for damage to computers stemming from electrical surges.
  8. Carrel keys must be returned to Murphy Library, Room 111, and carrels completely cleared out by the last day of final exams. Failure to do so will result in a non-refundable fine of $50.00. Anything left in carrels after the last day of final exams will be placed in lost and found.

Carrels are periodically checked by library staff who report rule violations to the Administrative Office. Thank you for your cooperation in abiding by these rules.


Please complete the study carrel request form if you are interested in requesting the use of a carrel.