Meet the Second Year Experience Team

Hey Everyone!  I'm Sarah and as you can see above, I'm the Coordinator of New Student and Family Programs in the Student Life Office. I'm sort of a one stop shop for students and families to help them get connected with the right resources on campus.  So if you ever have a question and aren't sure where to go to, you can always start with me!  The saying in our office is, "If you don't know where to go, go to SLO (the Student Life Office)!"

Just a little bit more about me on a personal level:

  • I'm originally from Plymouth, Wisconsin.
  • I have two younger brothers that both live in Chicago.
  • One of my brothers has a dog that I refer to as my fuzzy nephew.  His name is Henry and I love him!
  • I'm a huge fan of small fluffy dogs and plan to get a dog someday...
  • My favorite tv show is Friends but I also really like crime shows.
  • I'm a huge Disney fan!
  • I like to bake, go bowling, shopping, checking out festivals/fairs/craft shows/etc., reading, watching movies/shows, crafting, and doing pretty much anything with my friends and family.

Meet the Second Year Experience Team


My name is Mitch Berry and I use He/Him/His pronouns. I currently work in Residence Life as the Reuter Hall Director. As the Reuter Hall Director, I take a holistic lens to my work as Reuter is home to both First-year students as well as students from their 3rd, 4th, or 5th year. I consider myself to be a one-stop shop for student engagement - as my work in Residence Life (RL) allows me to promote both RL student leadership positions and employment opportunities from across campus.  So, if you are wondering how to get connected or just feeling like you need to connect with someone outside of class, feel free to say hello and check out how you can get involved with The Second Year Experience.

On a personal level, here is me in a nutshell:

  • I am originally from Idaho Falls, Idaho
  • I have three amazing dogs, who I frequently refer to as my "Fur Babies." Their names are Roscoe, Ellie, and Melody and all three of them were adopted from local animal shelters. 
  • I love to cook new recipes, especially noodle dishes!
  • I am a HUGE plant fan. I have a healthy collection of different house plants and enjoy taking care of them and learning more about each species.

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