The The Organization for Campus Women (OCW), founded in 1971 and open to all persons on campus, has the following objectives:

  • To promote equal opportunity for all women.
  • To serve as a vehicle for communication among women at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.
  • To collaborate with other local, state and national organizations concerned with improving the status of women.
  • To conduct annual service projects to enhance the status of women.

OCW has an elected board which governs the overall organization. This Steering Committee is composed of three representatives from each of the three employment categories (academic staff, classified staff, and faculty) as well as the chairs of each of the committees. Current active committees include Honors/Scholarship/Fund Raising, Membership, Newsletter, Program, Symposium, and Y-Tribute.

Membership dues are $10 per year which is used for program support, printing, and refreshments.

The Jean L. Foss and Norene A. Smith OCW Scholarship, established in 1985 to assist non-traditional women students affiliated with UWL, is awarded annually in the spring and paid to the student for the following academic year. Application information is available through the UWL Foundation.

OCW Bylaws 


The officers of the Organization for Campus Women shall be three representatives elected from each employment category: a) faculty, b) academic staff, and c) classified and LTE. These nine shall each serve a three-year term, staggered within category. In case an elected member cannot serve their entire term, they shall be replaced by the same employment category. These nine elected members plus the seven chairs of OCW standing committees shall comprise the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee shall elect from within itself the following officers each academic year at its April meeting. 

  1. President: Duties include chairing Steering Committee meetings, notifying all Steering Committee members of meetings at least 24 hours in advance, and gathering agenda items for these meetings.
  2. President-Elect: Duties will be to assist the President, prepare for the following year's duties, and chair the meetings in the President's absence. 
  3. Past President: Duties will be to assist transition of the new President and provide continuity. 
  4. Secretary: Duties include keeping minutes of meetings. 
  5. Treasurer: Duties include keeping books, collecting dues, paying bills authorized by Steering Committee, and generating list of paid members. 


  1. Steering Committees: Three elected classified/LTE members, three elected faculty members, and three elected academic staff members plus the seven chairs of OCW standing committees shall comprise the Steering Committee. 
  2. Standing Committees: Committee chairs will rotate annually, as determined by the Steering Committee at its April meeting, and shall consist of the following: 
    • Honors/Scholarship/Fundraising: Plans and organizes fundraising events to benefit the scholarship program; participates in the selection of the scholarship winners and other honors. 
    • Social: Plans and coordinates social events held throughout the year.  
    • Program: Plans and coordinates educational programs and community service events throughout the year. 
    • Membership/Election: Recruits and maintains records on members; forms a nominating committee, consisting of at least one member representing each employment category, each February to recruit persons to run for the steering committee and to serve as committee chairs. 
    • Symposium: Plans and coordinates the annual spring symposia open to all persons on campus. 
    • Newsletter: Edits and distributes the OCW Newsletter. 
    • YWCA Tribute: Nominates women for the Tribute to Outstanding Women of the Coulee Region Award. 
  3. Ad hoc Working Committees: Formulated as appropriate to accomplish the goals of the Organization for Campus Women. 
  4. Only paid members shall be eligible to serve on committees. 


The OCW Steering Committee will meet at least once a month during the academic year. The Organization for Campus Women will meet at at the discretion of the Steering Committee or by petition of 10 percent of the paid members. 



Section A

A Nominating Committee consisting of one member representing each employment category shall prepare a slate for annual elections. Nominees can be selected from the campus at large. 

Section B 

Each committee listed in Article V shall elect one representative each year to serve on the Steering Committee in accordance with its own rules. 

Section C

  1. The Steering Committee shall be elected in March/April. 
  2. Officers shall be elected at the April Steering Committee meeting.  
  3. The newly-elected Steering Committee and its officers shall work together with their counterparts until the May meeting when they shall assume their offices. 



Section A

The bylaws of the Organization for Campus Women, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, may be amended by 2/3 vote of the membership responding to a ballot which has been mailed to the membership. 

Section B 

All proposed amendments to the bylaws shall be presented in writing to the membership at least two weeks prior to the ballot deadline. 


Organization for Campus Women will conduct its business by majority vote. If breaking events require a fast decision on any matter, an e-mail poll of all Steering Committee members may be used. The majority Steering Committee opinion shall prevail. 


Funds in the SFO account are largely generated through member dues.  This money can be used as voted on by the Steering Committee.  If the balance in the SFO account exceeds $1000 at the beginning of the fiscal year, up to $150 may be allocated to fund requests for research, events, scholarships, etc… as voted on by the Steering Committee.