Student Experience Video

Students, we want to hear your voices! 

We want you to share your experiences in your fall 2020 UWL courses. How? You were invited by the Office of the Provost to complete a student experience survey  - BUT you can ALSO submit a short video. Submissions will be reviewed and collected to create a video that will be shared with UWL instructors to provide ideas to improve their courses moving forward.  

What should your video be about? 

Think about your best class this semester. What was so great about it? In less than 1 minute, tell us about something an instructor is doing in class to help you stay organized, motivated, engaged, and/or connected. (Please do not name the course or the instructor in the video, just things they are doing that are helpful.) Here are some questions you might consider: 

  • How did you feel connected to your classmates? Instructor?  
  • How was it organized?  
  • What are ways your instructor was flexible to your needs or situation?  
  • What aspects of synchronous learning were useful? 
  • How did you know what was due and when? 
  • How did you find the materials you needed to complete an assignment or study for a test/quiz?  
  • What made you want to interact with people and the coursework? 

Share your experiences about what is helpful to your learning! Your voice matters! The final video will be used for instructor training and continual improvement.  

DUE: Submit as soon as possible! But, the latest you can submit is 11:59pm on Friday, December 18th, 2020 

We are so excited to hear from you! 

Questions about this project? Contact CATL (