Fall Dates: October 8 to Dec 7, 2018

Equipment Checkout Procedures for Mentors

UWL college student mentors have access to a wide variety of fun, motivating, and developmentally appropriate physical activity equipment in Mitchell Hall. In order to check out  equipment:

 1. E-mail (mentoringprogram@uwlax.edu) or call the mentoring program (608.785.8695) to determine equipment availability.

2. Come to Mitchell Hall 108 during office hours and ask Brittany or Maggie (or one of the graduate student leaders) to retrieve and sign out the equipment to you.     

3. Return the equipment to Mitchell Hall 108 within 24 hours (during open office hours) and ask Maggie or Brittany (or one of the graduate leaders) to check and sign the equipment back in. (The graduate student leader will then return it to the appropriate area.)

Office hours are Monday-Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. or by appointment.  

YMCA access for Mentoring Program:

UWL college student mentors have access to the local YMCS's (La Crosse and Onalaska) with their mentee to work on a variety of sports skills, swimming, and lifelong fitness activities. Check in at the front desk with your mentee and let them know you are with the Mentoring program. You must follow YMCA rules and please stay with your mentee at all times!