Traffic safety course


You have been cited for a traffic violation. to avoid prosecution for this offense you are being offered a diversion agreement. If you successfully complete this educational program you will not have to attend court, pay the listed fine nor have court record of this citation. You are not admitting guilt but you are taking responsibility for your actions.  

  • You must be referred to this program by a UW La Crosse Police Officer.

  • This must be the only documented traffic citation with UW La Crosse Police.

  • You must register and complete the program in 10 business days.

Questions, comments, concerns can be directed to University Police at or call 608.789.9000.



Before taking the Traffic Safety Course please have these things prepared:

  • Name
  • Citation number (as it appears on the citation)
  • Form of payment (you will be charged a $75.00 administration fee using the Paypal platform)
    • If unable to pay or take the course online you may appear in person at the UWL Police Department at 605 N 17th, LaCrosse, WI 54601 during normal business hours within 10 business days of the offense.
  • Set aside up to 30 minutes to complete this course. You will only have access to begin the course one time.

Start here: 

Name on Citation
Citation Number