Political Science and Public Administration

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It is the mission of the Department of Political Science and Public Administration to provide the highest quality academic programs that our resources allow in service to our majors and minors as well as to the multitude of students that we serve through General Education and CASSH Degree Program Core course offerings. Beyond this, the department embraces its obligation to create a climate that stimulates learning, thinking, scholarship and professional development for students and faculty. Political Science and Public Administration further endeavors to engage in scholarship and service activities that exemplify the Wisconsin Idea of the university giving back to the citizens of Wisconsin.

What is Political Science?

Political science is the study of how politics - "who gets what, when, and how" - works. This includes U.S. political behavior and institutions, comparative politics (politics within countries), international relations (politics between countries), and political theory. Political science challenges students to ask questions that address some of the most challenging issues and opportunities of our times.

What is Public Administration?

Public administration refers to what the government does. This includes the ways in which leaders can serve communities to advance the common good through the organization and management of people and resources. Public administration professionals work to achieve the goals of government and implement public policy through executive functions, regulations, and the law.

What is Legal Studies?

Legal studies is an academic field that covers everything having to do with law, including methods, theories and principles of legal systems. It is an interdisciplinary field that involves perspectives from political science and public administration, history, philosophy, sociology, and more. The legal studies minor at UWL is an excellent program for any student interested in law school, or careers involving legal fields.