Peer Educator Application

COVID 19 Message

In the Pride Center, we strive to provide excellent care for students, faculty, and staff. Despite COVID 19, the pride center will still be open! Ready to provide you with socially distanced, and virtual support. A big part of our role on campus is to be present with people. Please do not hesitate to reach out, ask questions, or share concerns. Send emails to or  

Please take care of yourself and thank you for your patience!


Thank you for your interest in the Pride Center Peer Educator Position! We are not currently accepting any applications.  

To receive the application for the position, email Will Van Roosenbeek at or Amanda Wesche at If you have any additional question(s), feel free to send follow-up emails to Will.  You may also print the materials and turn in a hard copy to the Pride Center in 2216 Student Union. Thank you! 

If you have any questions about the position, please feel free to contact Will through email or call 608.785.8887.