Safe Space

Safe Space Mission

The Safe Space is open to anyone looking for a place to rest, study, meet, or just be. 

Safe Space Rights and Responsibilities

You have the right…
• to feel safe being who you are.
• to feel supported by the faculty, staff and other students and to voice your thoughts, feelings, ideas, and opinions without the fear of being put down or disrespected.
• to self identify your sexual orientation or gender identity/expression if you feel comfortable.
• to feel great in the presence of other people in the space, whether you are here for socializing, support, escape or to do homework.
You have the responsibility...
• to refrain from saying hurtful things to or about other students/faculty/staff, and to listen to what others have to say and not put them down, even in humor.
• to allow people to self identify as they choose, and define those identities as they choose.
• to not "out" someone to other people.
• to leave the space in the same or nicer condition than you found it.
• to abide by these rules.
You have the right and responsibility…
• to point out anytime you feel like your rights are being violated or when someone else is not living up to their end of the responsibilities so it can be dealt with in a peaceful, timely manner


Please remember that not all people in or around the Pride Center identify as LGBTQ+; in addition, know that if individuals do choose to self-identify, they may have yet to come out to their friends or family. Please respect the fact that coming out is a personal decision as well as a continual process. Feel free to provide support to the people around you, but empower your peers by allowing them to decide when and where to come out to others. 


We sometimes say and do hurtful things without realizing it. If you feel hurt by someone's words or actions, you have the right and responsibility to let them know that they hurt you (Ouch). Similarly, if you have hurt someone, even unintentionally, you have the responsibility to own up to the mistake (Oops). 

Assume Good Intentions

Assume that everyone here is operating with their fullest understanding of what is best for everyone. Also realize that it is important to treat others as they want to be treated, not how you think they would like to be treated. 

Inclusive of Everyone

Everyone who visits the Pride Center and the Safe Space area has the right to feel safe and supported. The diversity within the LGBTQ+ population is vast, and ALL people regardless of who they are and how they identify should feel welcomed. 

If you have any comments, questions, or would like more information about what is presented on this page, please contact the Pride Center .