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Patricia Campbell

Specialty area(s)

Family Medicine, Nutrition, Public Health

Brief biography

I started my career in the medical field as a Registered Dietitian and had the privilege to work in primary, secondary and tertiary health models. I returned to school to obtain my PA-C to further expand my patient involvement. I have been involved in higher education in some manner throughout my entire career and love the stimulation and challenge that comes with the privilege of teaching tomorrow's health care providers.

Current courses at UWL

Clinical Rotations, Capstone Series (PAS 790, 792, 794)


MPAS - University of North Dakota
MPH in Nutrition Administration - University of Minnesota
B.S. Home Economics & Nutrition with Psychology Minor - University of North Dakota

Teaching history

Graduate Physician Assistant Studies, UW-La Crosse, 2013-present.
Clinical Testing, University of ND Physician Assistant Program, 2008-2013.
Undergraduate Nutrition & Dietetics, University of ND, 1995-2002.

Professional history

Have worked as PA-C in Family Medicine, UND Student Health Services. Served as the Health Care Analyst for UND Student Health Services; Nutrition Field Coordinator at the UND Medical School & Health Sciences while participating on a HRSA-funded grant that promoted secondary health prevention efforts throughout ND.

Prior to my career as a Physician Assistant, I practiced as a Registered Dietitian in public health, clinical dietetics, diabetes education & self-management, physical medicine and rehabilitation.

Research and publishing

“National College Health Assessment” of UND student body, Spring 2010, 2008 and 2006. Served as PI/co-PI for UND Student Health Services.
“A Successful Field-Based Approach to Improving Diabetes Care in Rural Practices in the Northern Plains”, 2004 CDC Diabetes Translation Conference, Chicago, IL, May 10, 2004. (Secondary Author).
“Improving Rates of Pneumococcal and Influenza Immunization for Patients with Diabetes in Rural Physician Offices”, 2004 CDC Diabetes Translation Conference, Chicago, IL, May 10, 2004.
“Assessing Care Efficiently and Taking Timely Prevention Steps in Rural North Dakota Physician Offices”, 2003 CDC Diabetes Translation Conference, Boston, MA, April 1, 2003.
“An Office-based Methodology for Assessing and Improving Care for Diabetes and Asthma in Rural Areas”, National Rural Health Association 26th Annual Conference, May 2003.